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Did my prison yard work out at the gym today

. Gyms are still gross, not all of them, but this one is and it is pretty representative of most. 24 hour Nautilus. Potrero Center. I totally prefer the rec center. So I did my bar workout after warming up by treading on the treadmill for 15 minutes. NO RUNNING! At least that's the little rule that I made up for myself, post-race. Gonna give it a total week of recovery, that means no running until at least Monday. The stiffness is gone from my calves and hams, so I don't need to overwork it. Besides the usual I did tricep pulldowns on the BodyMaster. After I did the weights, I went into the locker room to take a piss and this guy was shaving his head at the sinks and had badly cut himself on the neck so blood was all running down his back. Nice. Not.  I am definitely not going to the hot tubs or showers today. I had already decided that I wasn't going to when I realized I forgot my flip-flops. Seeing this guy bleeding all in the locker room only confirmed it.


So I did a cool down, back on the treadmill for 8 minutes and felt pretty good for warming up and cooling down. Went back into the locker room to change and the bleeded guy was still in the midst of his locker room ritual. He had showered apparently, and was drying his head under the hand dryer.

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