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Beeterch of  Knee

Posted by Colin Santangelo Apr 4, 2011

Since this summer, my right knee has been acting up during and after any physical activity.  At first, I though that it was simply a result of faulty running technique or some other kind of temporary injury.  However, each time that I exercise, the knee becomes sore and most of the time swollen. I've tried icing it down and taking anti-inflamitory medication, but this only temporarily provides relief.  Today I purchased a "joint health" product called Celadrin. According to the company's claims, Celadrin works at a "celluar level" in that it affects the cell membranes that make up the joint.  Basically it is a lubricant that "allows for more flexibility and ease of momvement, but reduces inflammation and allows the joint cells to repair and rebuild themselves."  1 Having gone to several sessions of physical therapy for the tempermental joint with little information as to what is actually occuring other than the possibility of being flat-footed, I'm seeking out alternate forms of treatment.  Does anyone know anything further about the product or any alternative methods? I have read that the benifits of the product are supposidly beyond those provided by taking Glucosamine, Chondrotin, MSM, SAMe and other products, but I'm not entirely sold on this. 2  Any thoughts or suggestions would be more than helpful.  Although it's more of a feeling of discomfort than pain, I'm getting close to the point where I'm just going to rip my own knee cap off and flush it down the toilet.

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Behind the 8 Ball

Posted by Colin Santangelo Mar 31, 2011

So, I originally started this blog as a means to keep track and update my training progress for this summer's Tough Mudder in PA.  Needless to say, the amount of entries appropriately sums up the level of training I've been keeping up.  Towards the end of the summer I was on a wonderful regimen, keeping up a healthy balance between cardiovascular fitness and weight training.  However, since I moved to Chicago in late September, both my desire and motivation to train has taken a drastic hit. For the longest time I wondered why this was the case, and then yesterday I had an epiphany while running -  I had lost my training partner.


For as long as I can remember, I've always done things at the last minute.  Whatever the task, I scramble around at the last possible minute like a mad scientist scraping together something out of nothing: academic projects, papers, fitness regimens, work task, you name it.  I don't know why this is the case, and hope desperately that the reason behind this constant phenomenon of procrastination isn't just simply a large case of laziness.  I've accomplished a lot this way throughout my life thus far.  However, it seems that the Tough Mudder competition will be the beast that actually puts my ability to dodge dead line restrictions and narrowly escape failure in the face of time constraints and ill-preparation to the ultimate test.  I've realized that for me to stay dedicated to any cause is extremely difficult.  I crave a support system.  I could possibly need it. Self control and discipline are not, and never were, my strong suits. As I was running yesterday, I realized that the reason I had made such huge results and progress in my fitness level this past summer was the result of having the best training partner anyone could ever ask for, a fit and dedicated younger brother.  You see, he has that of which I lack: discipline, self-motivation, the ability to set goals and work towards them over time, patience, and a undeterred mind.  I on the other hand have the natural ability to "fly by the seat of my pants" so-to-speak.  That, and a fairly adapt level of fitness.  It might seem counterproductive to simply be typing away about my shortcomings and regrets at this point with the event only a mere 10 days away.  However, I feel it needs to be addressed before I can move forward.  I hold a certain level of worry approaching this event, because I know well that it could mean having to face myself and the way I approach obstacles in my life.


Instead of cowering at the 10 + mile course containing certain obstacles that will test my phobias (such as crawling throw an extremely tight tube), I'm trying my absolute hardest to see this as an opportunity to learn about myself.  I truly hope that I get my *** kicked by this event so that I will fully realize the value of discipline and dedication.  I have cut myself short by not training this entire time for the event, but perhaps it is a good thing. I acknowledge that by entering the Tough Mudder without having trained could yield a far more beneficial lesson to me that if I had of dedicated myself this entire time.  This event could be that bite in the heal that pushes me to to work harder.  Whatever the outcome of this event, I will redo it next year taking all of the lessons I learn from this one with me.  Above all, I hope that I am at least pointed in the direction of being able to rely on myself.  I want to go into this not as the final test, but simply the beginning of a better way of life, a reawakening of sorts.


Yesterday, I laced up my running shoes and decided to see how behind the 8 ball I really was in terms of the physical demands for Tough Mudder.  I haven't run in quite some time, so I decided to not push myself too hard.  I ended up running around 4 miles, stopping along the way to do sets of 20 push ups for a total of 100.   Here was the (appox) route I ran:



I hope to continue to run each day up until 2 days for the event.  At the very least it will help get me into the right mental space.  I think at this point a determined and positive mindset will be my biggest asset.  To be blunt, my boys don't stop.

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Posted by Colin Santangelo Sep 8, 2010

So, this is my blog.  Looks like I'll be writing the living **** out of this thing for a while.  I'm a marauda, always been one.  My best bobby billy called me one unsuspecting day about this absurd physical even called mudder taking place at bear creek.  I must say it was a life changing moment for me.  I was simply sitting in a McDonald's (which I utterly hate) eating a chicken sandwhich with my younger brother (Daksos) and my phone vibrated ferociously in my pocket. From this moment, I will dedicate a large amount of my time to subjecting my body to the worst treatment it has ever had until the day of the event in April. I plan to beat the living **** out of myself until I'm in amazing shape.  I will be moving to Chicago on the 22nd and my work out routine will hopefully reach an organized existence.  Yesterday I began training. This is what I did damn it:


-Ran up a mountain, yelled down at the earth and ran back down it, twisting my ankel.

After getting home, I lifted doing:


-3 sets of bench press (150lbs) 15 reps

-3 sets of skull crushers

-3 sets of bicept curls

-squats until I couldn't

-4 sets of pushups 20 reps

-3 sets of pull ups (as many as I could do)

-3 sets of shoulder press

-3 sets of deadlifts (160lbs) as many as I could do


Dak on me.


-Donkey Hulk

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