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Beeterch of  Knee

Posted by Colin Santangelo on Apr 4, 2011 1:23:09 PM

Since this summer, my right knee has been acting up during and after any physical activity.  At first, I though that it was simply a result of faulty running technique or some other kind of temporary injury.  However, each time that I exercise, the knee becomes sore and most of the time swollen. I've tried icing it down and taking anti-inflamitory medication, but this only temporarily provides relief.  Today I purchased a "joint health" product called Celadrin. According to the company's claims, Celadrin works at a "celluar level" in that it affects the cell membranes that make up the joint.  Basically it is a lubricant that "allows for more flexibility and ease of momvement, but reduces inflammation and allows the joint cells to repair and rebuild themselves."  1 Having gone to several sessions of physical therapy for the tempermental joint with little information as to what is actually occuring other than the possibility of being flat-footed, I'm seeking out alternate forms of treatment.  Does anyone know anything further about the product or any alternative methods? I have read that the benifits of the product are supposidly beyond those provided by taking Glucosamine, Chondrotin, MSM, SAMe and other products, but I'm not entirely sold on this. 2  Any thoughts or suggestions would be more than helpful.  Although it's more of a feeling of discomfort than pain, I'm getting close to the point where I'm just going to rip my own knee cap off and flush it down the toilet.

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