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Warrior Weekend!

Posted by ericbenjaming Apr 25, 2010

First game for XAHTZ Soccer tournament was played on Sat, but I didn't make it, since I was so smashed on Friday night with Kris and Randy in Green Molly.

And the first basketball game is cancelled due to the rain.


I did watched a great CSL soccer match today! With Cash, Bruce and Kris' join, we're in the yellow sea with the hot crowds. 3-2! Really awesome game. And I was shot in the CCTV news! Check out the fans photo on -


Weekend CSL Game Cheer.jpg

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Soccer season starts!


2010 Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone Soccer Tournament (XAHTZST) is launching on Sat, 4/24/2010. Normally we, Active Xi'an Soccer team was always in Xi'an Software Park Soccer League (XASPSL) every Fall, but this year here comes a new tour! Much cheaper for the qualification, more games could play (At least 8 games guaranteed for XAHTZST; 3 games for XASPSL).


"This is gonna be very tough and challenging! since there're so many big players in the new tournament, we might not be that promising with the winning of the group." - Said by Bruce Xu, captain of team, after the grouping draw.


New kit has be equiped this week, first game is at 9:00am tomorrow. More updates to come!


Also come along with basketball tournaments on starts on Sunday 12:00!

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Cash, Eda, Paul, Fod Shadbakht and I took an 80K (60K Flat, 10K Uphill and 10K Downhill) tour ride to Jiulong Pond, a beautiful scenic spot in Qinling Mountains.

It was not cool to ride in such a chilly day, especially we just experienced a weird snow last week in Xi'an! But it's an awesome ride with such a great group. There're so many funs riding the sinuous rocky terrain, so challenging to ride uphill! While downhill was crazy, my hands were so stiff to hold the brake all the while for 20mins, besides have to dodge the vehicles passing through!

It's so cold up in the mountain, especially Eda, Cash and I am in Active Jersey, but we got luck! Paul bring three coats, which we laugh at him why taking so many clothes before we set off, what a vision!

Fod is new, he's our new English Trainer, get on board two months ago, but he's great, he is a real warrior and skillful doing uphill! Most of the trip, he took the lead with Paul and Eda.

We paused two times for meals, the food was awesome.


See WW report -

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Guess who is the most NBA popular team? See the stats for 30 NBA teams from Facebook fans and Twitter followers -

NBA Teams on Facebook & Twitter.JPG

Which team you followed on Twitter and which team are you a fan of?

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