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Cherry Valley Tour Ride

Posted by ericbenjaming May 25, 2010

On Sunday, 70K tour ride to BaiLuYuan with Paul, Eda, Colin, Jimmie and Wayne, it was a tough ride in the strong sunshine, but the most adventurous part is to rush down to the Cherry Valley on a steeply slope road! My skin color just changed from yellow to brown after the sun burnt.







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Guilin Trip - Water Fight

Posted by ericbenjaming May 10, 2010

Here's some photos from the fight at the Yulong River.

Water FightA.JPG

Water Fight B.JPG

Water Fight c.JPG


See more -

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Guilin Trip

Posted by ericbenjaming May 10, 2010

China 2009 Stars, 32 people including all managers from both Xi’an and Chengdu office, took a wonderful 4-day trip to Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region last week. Some of them just travelled more than 30 spots during the trip, according from my foursquare checkins.


4-hour trip on Li River on day 2, An exciting water fight on Yulong River in Yangshuo! See Matthew Cox is so much enjoyed rafting.



This is Cash -


In the Yinziyan Scenic Area. This is an awesome place!



Show time:



Day 3, part of them went to climb Duxiu Feng in the middle of Guilin City. It is a little mountain but very rocky.




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Camping and Fishing

Posted by ericbenjaming May 2, 2010

Well, three days off! Such a rare relax time. The weather was a bit hot today, we have a mom-to-be on the trip as well! Cashes, Bruces and Leons' families are all out for the trip. We drove to a mountain foot at Qin Mountains for camping. But our first stop is a Dairy Farm Estate nearby. That place was s.h.i.t! No Peony at all! We're def cheated! Have some local farm-flavored food, then went to the place we visited couple of weeks ago.











There're two ponds for fishing, but actually I didn't get too much luck for a couple of hours at the pond side. But the BBQ was awesome! Cash and Bruce are pro!

Went back around 7 from 100KM away. So tired in the end.

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It was a great day yesterday! M+M China team (MRI, A2, Active Trainer & eTeamz) had a great team event with ALAN COLE and BELINDA LU on Xi’an City Wall on Friday. It was the Alan’s first trip to China office, and also was the first time to have all China team members in M+M gathered for an event, 4 funny activities scheduled started from afternoon: Egg Tower Building, Cycling Relay, 100m Sprint with Balloon, Cooking Competition. Luckily we watched the folk-custom show from the Wall!

Egg Tower Building – This is def a collaborating activity, we eventually have 5 products by groups.


Cycling Relay was so funny, because a female team beat the strong male team -

Clap with teammate means you could turn back to get your next teammate on the race!

The third game 100m Sprint with Balloon, which required two players do a 100 sprint carrying a balloon without limb touch.


Couple of girls cooked themselves and bring their food to site, here you go the last game – Cooking Competition:



Also watched a folk custom show from the wall, it was awesome!


See the family photo –

Comparing with the traditional boring dinner team event, I love this kind of event badly!

See more photos here -

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