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Well, Everybody knows every four years there's a month totally about soccer, that's the only month probably someone may forget other endurance activities. I hope I still do some endurance workouts, and try some events or activities with team and couple of friends, but I was wrong, and I failed.

During this month, I was totally lost in the games with friends, and adjusted jetlag sometimes, and caught up the working schedules. Pretty hard like in a battle. But unfortunately, my weight increased, actually to me it's not a bad thing, since I'm too thin.

I'm gonna finish all the games left, since I haven't miss any single one game so far! And great games like Germany 4-1 England, USA 1-0 Algeria...etc.



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MRI May Super Star!

Posted by ericbenjaming Jun 8, 2010

Amy An won MRI May Super Star!

Amy 奖状.jpg

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