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Two more Joined

Posted by ericbenjaming Jul 30, 2010

Yesterday we have two more teammates joined Active China Cycling team, Bruce Xu and Leon Chen, with their Duke 600 ordered and assemble. Shortly they will join us in the riding.

10 or 15 minutes to get a new bike set from all pieces? That's pretty fast.


This is Leon's new baby, looks awesome!


Finally get all of them done. We'll have a write color cycling team later on. LOL


Packaged into cars, heading back...


It's said this bike costs ¥28,000, that's my dream.


Gonna upgrade some new gears. Keep posted.

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Hey all the warriors! I really need to share this great ride with all you guys!

On Sunday Cash and I rode a big circle along the Third Ring of the Xi’an City, totally 115KM according from the GPS log.


Thanks Cash for the route, and he's a live GPS -


We rode across 30 bridges along the third ring, it's really great to see how big the city is, and here I am at the one of the most beautiful bridges - YueDengGe Bridge (月登阁桥), at the S. Third Ring -


See this for all the bridges we checked. I hate FourSquare being blocked in China, or I can checkin at all these bridges.

It is one of the greatest experience ever counted the last 20mins rushing in the torrential rain when we’re trapped 15KM away from the destination.Wanna see how heavy the storm like? Check this out -


Yes, correct! I didn't find anything to hide the rain after riding in such a horrible rain for 20 minutes, made me a little headache after home, but actually it was cool!

See the route they rode and where Active Xi’an office is in the map.


Well, unfortunately both of us got severe sun burnt during the hours rode under the sun in the noon. See my freaky legs -

SunBurnt Legs.jpg

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Weekend Ride Plan

Posted by ericbenjaming Jul 22, 2010

Plan another ~80KM ride this weekend, now calling the teammates to join Cash and me. This is gonna be a great ride since we are planning to ride a circle along with the Third Ring of Xi'an. See the map -


But looks the weather is gonna be terrible, all rain this week, but the plan will stand unless there would be storm...

Looking forward to it!

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90K Ride in the Rain

Posted by ericbenjaming Jul 19, 2010

It was one of the most unforgettable ActiveX weekend ever! On Sunday,  I rode 90KM with Cash, Paul, Eda and Fod, it's a round trip from  Electronic Mall to Huxian county military airfield, totally 90KM.

Ride to Hu.jpg

Cash  was the real hero, he crazily rode ~120KM on that day!!

Weekend Ride2010-07-18_3.jpg

The first half trip was smooth, since the terrain was always flat, the weather was cool and we rode pretty fast to the destination.

Weekend Ride2010-07-18_1.jpg


I really like the Active logo when I chasing them from the back, feels more like smile and encourage you to come on.


Rest at the Hu County Square.


Arrived at the famous Bell Tower in Hu County, sorry, not the Bell Tower in Xi'an.


But things turned more interesting and challengeable after we were forced to leave the military airfield, we're hanging around the airfield, taking photos, but the guard shout us to leave and without photos.


They snapped at us and shouting "No Photos!" haha.


Haha, "You're on target!" Said Eda when he took this photo to me:


Eda said he loved the pool on his left side so much, since it's so green, it's true.


Check out Paul, he enjoyed those flowers and trees badly, and insisted for a shot, check out this -




That's what we ate at the airfield, fruits, beers and BBQ!


It started to rain while we are having BBQ!


FOD got a flat tire of the rear wheel of his bicycle at the  point of 20KM back to the city, none of us take the repair kits, but he luckily found a repair shop 1KM away. What an experience!


We're all exhausted after riding back to the city, and it was really really a great ActiveX day!

I'm gonna put a recruit more people on Facebook, looking for more warriors join us in Xi’an! Can’t wait for next ride!

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Congrats Candy!

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