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2nd Hash Run

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 29, 2010

On Saturday, my 2nd has ran with 7KM finished inside of city, this was a tradition of sorts, with a hash run after the Messy   Oktoberfest. An A to A run and there's a hostel close by to, "hold yo' Sh&t" as the kids say these days. Hared bythe recently returned Green Nipples and the newly names Xiao Didi, started at the Shuyuan Gate, and back at South Gate. Our hash lead, Patrick "General Sanchez" Antony, get us the new T-Shirts for all the hashers.

And the 2010 Nash Hash will start September 3 - 5, in QingDao.

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Ghost Night, Ghost Ride!

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 24, 2010

It was said yesterday was ghost day, but we insist heading out for a night ride. It was Leon's frist ride, great experience, since the distance is no longer an issue, and we're into it.



Cash, I said there would be ghosts haunting, especially at ghost night, see?




Leon, you got your head exploded?


Here are the stats from the ride - Total Distance: 41.5KM; Time:1hr 49mins; Average Speed: 17.8km/h; Calories Burnt: 902.5cal.

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The 2010 Xi'an City Wall Marathon has been initialized with the prepartion, for getting started, here're some stuffs shared -

Xi'an City Wall Marathon.jpg

5K training for beginners -


5K training for Intermediate -


Advanced 5K training -


Basic running tips:


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It is a super busy sports month for Active China.

The inner Table Tennis competition is running at the office, both at Xi'an and Chengdu;

The new season basketball league started yesterday afternoon, Active Xi'an signed up two teams, yesterday team A beat TeleNav with 33-25.

More games and activities to come, since we will have 10K for Male and 7K for Female City Wall Marathon in Sep.


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First Hash Run

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 16, 2010

It was my first hash run with a great International group. It's an A - B Hash Run, with the route direction marked on the ground with blue arrows, from YanTa W. Rd. to TV Tower, 10KM.
Actually it was interesting when you have no idea where to head next turn, coz you have to stick your eyes on the ground to see if you're on the right direction, or you have to follow the people who's leading shouting.
We ran aross two campus, XISU and Shaanxi Normal University, then a construction field, at where Elise lived for around 1.5 years. Finally I finished the whole run at 5th.
We did the quiz after everybody caught up, and I comitted two penalties, one is wearing a new pair of shoes, the other is carrying my cellphones. The hot beer sucks. Yuk!
The German food nearby the Square was awesome! I know a couple of new friends through the run, cant wait for the next run in two weeks!

The pictures about the run will be posted on -

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60K Night Ride to Chanba

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 15, 2010

Great ride with Cash to Chanba on Aug. 11th, here're the stats:

Total Time:02:51:35;

Distance: 61.2KM;

Avg. Speed:20.2K/H;

Calories: 1268.7Cal.


Night Ride 813.jpg





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This is gonna be a super busy race week for me, a night ride tomorrow and a Hash Run.

Night Ride on 8/12: This will be the second ride in the night with the Active Cycling China Team, this time, we added more cyclists, including Bruce, Cash, Leon and me, probably Nemo and more to go. The route will start from West 2nd Ring to the GuangYunTan, near the Chanhe River. estimated 50KM a round. Could be that longer for Leon and me, since we're starting from a longer point.

The Hash Run will be on Sat. 8/16, I'll meet the race team at Delhi Dar Bar Restaurant, at 6:00pm, the race will start at 6:30pm, a run to HuanTa W. Road, don't know the exact route now, so will report the detail route with distance. Should be fun since I will meet a couple of new friends there, whom could still use Facebook freely since it's beling blocked in China.

This is the race detail page -, and here's the route map:

Busy but needs to be more crazy!

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40K Ride in the Night

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 6, 2010

Last night I took a 40K night ride with Cash and Bruce, it's very interesting. We set off at 10:30pm and back at 2:00am.










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July MRI Super Star

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 3, 2010

Congrats Anson crown the MRI July Super Star!


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Heat Beaten Weekend

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 1, 2010

38℃ - 46℃ in Xi'an, can you bear that heat wave? In the case of not being killed in the heat, Cash, Bruce and I went to Suzaku Forest Park to beat the heat. We did something fun there, something like an informal orienteering, but most like a funny track in the hill stream.


Fishing is the openning in the morning, and kind of interesting to fish in a small pool.


Walking into the woods, obviously none of us is being well equiped.


This the stream we trecked, water was freezing, but quite a view.


Walking in the jungle, I hate the huge mosquitoes..


The trail was very muddy after the rain and with the water passing from the mountains. Have to be careful especially when you are carrying camera in your hand.


Walking in the stream -


Relaxing time:


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