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Best Ride Ever

Posted by ericbenjaming Oct 24, 2010

Yesterday, 7 ActiveXers - Eda, Dylan, Cash, Bruce, Colin, Jimmie and Eric from Xi'an office took a 70 miles challenge ride to the top of the Qinlin Mountain, the whole course was amazing and was one of the most difficult courses in Xi'an for the cyclist. The ride started from Xi'an Electoric Mall, 20 miles road race to the mountain foot, 15 miles uphill to a 1,300-meter latitude high, 15 miles downhill along the same course back to the mountain foot, then the last 20 miles flat road back home.

It was definitely the team's best ride so far, based on the distance and difficulties. Such a memorable experience since first time gathered so many Xers in a ride, when you feel this the team unified spirit stuff, you felt proud of being in the team. But there was a little regret, Only Eda made to the top of the mountain at the point of 998, Jimmie, Colin, Dylan and I was stopped at 991, 7km to the final point, while Bruce and Cash stopped at 985, but when making up to 980, every meter is a challenge to your determination and physical, whatever how much you up to, every meter at that level is a success for your break through!

The whole ride was perfect, but expect Colin's injury, he fell down his bike when passing a deceleration strip in the downhill, luckily he was OK. I was close down hilling with Dylan, and saw his bike was almost lost control from my eyes, so scary, because the cars are passing by all the time.

I would add up something I learned from this ride: Get enough clothes and protections, Take enough food and water, don't waste too much time for lunch (Especially when pausing at the roadside restaurant), Try to avoid downhill at night, control your speed when downhill (Especially passing by the deceleration strips), Follow your team and don't get lost, Take your teammates, Encourage more.

This is not just a tough ride, but also we made to the goal committed in April, which set to challenge it April, 2011. It obviously we need a higher goal.
Thanks to my great riding team and all the teammates, I never think I could get so much improved comparing what I was in April.

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3rd Hash Run

Posted by ericbenjaming Oct 17, 2010

"No Name" Eric's 3rd hash run this week, 5K run at Qujiang Pool Park, great experience, with more than 30 ppl joined. Great to bring Jimmie for the run. Awesome time spending.

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Night Xride to Xianyang

Posted by ericbenjaming Oct 15, 2010

First time ride to Xianyang, like always, another awesome ride. Pretty smooth for the whole thing, and the dinner we had is called "Tiger Duck"??? Didn't track the ride stats, but estimated at least 40miles tonight. Well, one thing need to mention here is, it was sooooo cold, especially wearing ActiveX cycling gears. Remind to put on the long sleeves, and not shorts.

Tomorrow, I'll go for my 3rd Hash Run, it's gonna be fun, since I'm gonna hare the event this time, and some of my Active buddies will come as well. On On!












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40M Night Ride

Posted by ericbenjaming Oct 9, 2010

There's no more interesting thing than a 40 miles night ride as the ending of a 10-day National Holiday, Cash, Bruce and I just did it! We firstly rode 10 miles to Chanba, our fifth time to the place, but it's not fun as it used to, since the air was terrible, and the Ba He river was almost dry.

But when sitting down at the BBQ street, we suddenly thought another place, the new opened DaMingGong Relic Park, which is just opened for 9 days, then quick decision made, and of course it was an epic ride there! I never thought It could be that huge and amazing! We almost got lost after 20mins high speed ride in it.

Finally got back home at 3:30am since too much spent in the park!!! Awesome night! Thanks to my team!










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Active Fan Group visited Shiquan, Shaanxi for two days at the 2nd and 3rd day during the national holiday, after Eric Old's wedding. It was on Leon's treat, and the whole trip was awesome.

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