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13 Xers, Colin Li (IT), Karen Yang (CRM), Eda Zhao (IT), Steven Xue (IT), Kelly Yang (IT), Jimmie Jiang (BA), Rui Zhang (Class), Jason Qu (IT), Wesley Wang (ACR), yesterday spent a great ride day to Dayu Valley from Xi'an High Tech Zone, totally 52.5 miles including 6 miles uphill and 5 miles downhill. Definitely an exhausting day spending 6 hours on bike, but all the fatigue disappeared when lying on the bed and recalling what have been challenged. It’s the first team ride this year and it was epic! The weather changed their original XLove ride plan, which was riding to the mountain and pick up the trash thrown by tourists, but it’s now on the team’s next ride schedule.




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5th Hash Run

Posted by ericbenjaming Mar 27, 2011

12K trail hash run on Sat. Details to be updated soon.

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Posted by ericbenjaming Mar 20, 2011

This is gonna be my first official (Not meetups) run in 2011, TNF100® 10K!

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1st Run n' Ride in 2011

Posted by ericbenjaming Mar 10, 2011

Couple of updates:

1st run, 1st night run, 1st ride in 2011.

Eda is leading a lunch ride workout now, the 1st ride took about 30mins for a 10k ride in the city for lunch, this will be expanding fast, we will get more people out there! Keep coming!

Today's stats in pic and also online -


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Posted by ericbenjaming Mar 1, 2011

C25K schedule!

3-11-2011 12-15-38 AM.jpg

3-11-2011 12-16-39 AM.jpg

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