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Finished 2011 Shimano Bikers’ Festival – Men’s EliteMTB race with my nice crew - 9 ActiveX’ers, ALLEN QIN, COLINLI, EDA ZHAO, WESLEY WANG, RUI ZHANG, BRUCE XU, WESLEY WANG, KAREN YANG, FOD SHADBAKHT and a friend. It was raining hard during the whole race, and court wasawesome except the climbing and slippery part. Unfortunately this was a verybad organized race, almost half of the participants didn't catch up the starttime due to all the race categories were ahead of time to play. Hopefully therace organizer could be more professional and respectful those participants whorode 1hr in the hard rain to join the race! But anyway, the team had a greatpost-race meal together, and it's always feeling great to stay with ActiveXteam.

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