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First HM Training

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 12, 2011

First day of this month, I just finished my first HM training within 2hrs, great improvement. In the first two weeks, I trained very hard and there're too much calories burned.

Kris just bought a new bike this month, then I have another new partner to train with me, mainly we did the night ride, here's the latest ride stats, pretty good:

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2011 1st Night Ride

Posted by ericbenjaming Apr 14, 2011

April. 12th night, it was the first night ride in 2011 for the team, together with Bruce and Cash, from home to Chanba district, great ride since really felt the weather turns for the riding season! Stats will be pulled later on with photos.

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2010 Retro

Posted by ericbenjaming Jan 6, 2011

In 2010, I did

13 rides;

8 runs;

3 hiking;

2 football matches;

2 fishing;

10 pools tour;

couple of leisure events.

Great start in 2010 to bring me a GREAT active life, gonna have a very agressive goal in 2011. Stay tuned.

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Night Xride to Xianyang

Posted by ericbenjaming Oct 15, 2010

First time ride to Xianyang, like always, another awesome ride. Pretty smooth for the whole thing, and the dinner we had is called "Tiger Duck"??? Didn't track the ride stats, but estimated at least 40miles tonight. Well, one thing need to mention here is, it was sooooo cold, especially wearing ActiveX cycling gears. Remind to put on the long sleeves, and not shorts.

Tomorrow, I'll go for my 3rd Hash Run, it's gonna be fun, since I'm gonna hare the event this time, and some of my Active buddies will come as well. On On!












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40M Night Ride

Posted by ericbenjaming Oct 9, 2010

There's no more interesting thing than a 40 miles night ride as the ending of a 10-day National Holiday, Cash, Bruce and I just did it! We firstly rode 10 miles to Chanba, our fifth time to the place, but it's not fun as it used to, since the air was terrible, and the Ba He river was almost dry.

But when sitting down at the BBQ street, we suddenly thought another place, the new opened DaMingGong Relic Park, which is just opened for 9 days, then quick decision made, and of course it was an epic ride there! I never thought It could be that huge and amazing! We almost got lost after 20mins high speed ride in it.

Finally got back home at 3:30am since too much spent in the park!!! Awesome night! Thanks to my team!










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35K Night Ride with Arch

Posted by ericbenjaming Sep 8, 2010

Three hours ago, I was just back from a 35K ride with part of ActiveX China team, including Arch! It was a great ride, weather was good, route was good, and Arch just went a couple of places of interest on the way.















Can't wait to today's official kick off ActiveX in China! This is so inspiring, since Arch just train us a lot of techiques and some designed workouts at afternoon, today we will go to buy some gears, dumbbells, yoga mats, jump ropes, DBalls, MedBalls and Kettle Bells will be shopped later.

With the announcing the ActiveX today on the staff meeting, Arch will organize the first workshop with the group. Awesome week!

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Ghost Night, Ghost Ride!

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 24, 2010

It was said yesterday was ghost day, but we insist heading out for a night ride. It was Leon's frist ride, great experience, since the distance is no longer an issue, and we're into it.



Cash, I said there would be ghosts haunting, especially at ghost night, see?




Leon, you got your head exploded?


Here are the stats from the ride - Total Distance: 41.5KM; Time:1hr 49mins; Average Speed: 17.8km/h; Calories Burnt: 902.5cal.

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This is gonna be a super busy race week for me, a night ride tomorrow and a Hash Run.

Night Ride on 8/12: This will be the second ride in the night with the Active Cycling China Team, this time, we added more cyclists, including Bruce, Cash, Leon and me, probably Nemo and more to go. The route will start from West 2nd Ring to the GuangYunTan, near the Chanhe River. estimated 50KM a round. Could be that longer for Leon and me, since we're starting from a longer point.

The Hash Run will be on Sat. 8/16, I'll meet the race team at Delhi Dar Bar Restaurant, at 6:00pm, the race will start at 6:30pm, a run to HuanTa W. Road, don't know the exact route now, so will report the detail route with distance. Should be fun since I will meet a couple of new friends there, whom could still use Facebook freely since it's beling blocked in China.

This is the race detail page -, and here's the route map:

Busy but needs to be more crazy!

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