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It's been for a long time I haven't put on my soccer boots and gears to the field, though I've made mind for a while to kick a few goals, well, just right time, when the ex-XSoccer coach's leaving comes, I could find myself a reason to do so, and then it happened!

On Saturday morning, played 2 hrs at the QuJiang Pool Relic Park with Sayid, TonyC, Vincent, Behrman, Rocky, Neil, Shane and Locke, amazing crew and we really had a great time playing over there! Hope next game comes soon!

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2010 Retro

Posted by ericbenjaming Jan 6, 2011

In 2010, I did

13 rides;

8 runs;

3 hiking;

2 football matches;

2 fishing;

10 pools tour;

couple of leisure events.

Great start in 2010 to bring me a GREAT active life, gonna have a very agressive goal in 2011. Stay tuned.

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Well, Everybody knows every four years there's a month totally about soccer, that's the only month probably someone may forget other endurance activities. I hope I still do some endurance workouts, and try some events or activities with team and couple of friends, but I was wrong, and I failed.

During this month, I was totally lost in the games with friends, and adjusted jetlag sometimes, and caught up the working schedules. Pretty hard like in a battle. But unfortunately, my weight increased, actually to me it's not a bad thing, since I'm too thin.

I'm gonna finish all the games left, since I haven't miss any single one game so far! And great games like Germany 4-1 England, USA 1-0 Algeria...etc.



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Warrior Weekend!

Posted by ericbenjaming Apr 25, 2010

First game for XAHTZ Soccer tournament was played on Sat, but I didn't make it, since I was so smashed on Friday night with Kris and Randy in Green Molly.

And the first basketball game is cancelled due to the rain.


I did watched a great CSL soccer match today! With Cash, Bruce and Kris' join, we're in the yellow sea with the hot crowds. 3-2! Really awesome game. And I was shot in the CCTV news! Check out the fans photo on -


Weekend CSL Game Cheer.jpg

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Soccer season starts!


2010 Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone Soccer Tournament (XAHTZST) is launching on Sat, 4/24/2010. Normally we, Active Xi'an Soccer team was always in Xi'an Software Park Soccer League (XASPSL) every Fall, but this year here comes a new tour! Much cheaper for the qualification, more games could play (At least 8 games guaranteed for XAHTZST; 3 games for XASPSL).


"This is gonna be very tough and challenging! since there're so many big players in the new tournament, we might not be that promising with the winning of the group." - Said by Bruce Xu, captain of team, after the grouping draw.


New kit has be equiped this week, first game is at 9:00am tomorrow. More updates to come!


Also come along with basketball tournaments on starts on Sunday 12:00!

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Cash Xu, Doris Sun and Eric Ma watched and cheered 09-10 Chinese Super League (CSL) opening game for Shaanxi Chanba vs. Dalian Shide on Sunday, this is the first game in the new season after the crackdown against corruption by Chinese Football Association (CFA), they three just experienced the great game with more than 49,000 local fans in the Shaanxi Coca Cola Stadium. They three are all photoed in the fans gallery on several main sports sites, like,…etc.  See the photo on -

Kris Quigley, Kelly Yang's husband, and I was interviewed by Xi’an TV Station (XATVs) before the game start, someone did saw us on the News, anyone else saw the news?
CSL Game1.jpg
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The first game has been postponed due to the weather, it's raining and will rain the whole week in Xi'an. Then the first round game will be postponed to next Staurday, 9/5, in XPEU campus.


The overall fixtures attached, Active's group stage schedule as below:









Objectiva Software Solutions










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Glad to see the starting lineup of Active Xi'an Soccer Team for 4th Xi'an Software Park Soccer League finally being confirmed yesterday afternoon.


The Group Draw will be on Friday, and the first game will be on Saturday. Didn't have any luck in last season - kicked out of the Group Qualify. Hope go far this new season, and welcome the new faces this year!



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