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Just a little bit hiking on Friday from our team event at the Shangwang village, with several girls in team, walking across the river at the rear of the village after lunch, it was a great day for hiking after raining, the mountain was like being washed, and everything smelt fresh.

Girls are shy to move and very careful to step across the river, but they made it, it was very excited! Great team.

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2010 active city wall marathon.jpg
Today, more than 300 employees from Active China office ran the 2nd Active Xi'an City Wall Marathon, the race started with great weather, since it's been raining for a week, then finally God helped us out.




It's so much better than last year, since Arch successfully planted ActiveX spirit into the race, and so many people got inspired from his passion. Arch is a GREAT leader! He ran though the race with almost all levels runners/walkers!

City Wall Marathon332.JPG

City Wall Marathon333.JPG
I finally finished the race at 24th, and much improved comparing with last year finished with 28th/200 people for the 7K, Here are my stats for the race this year:

Time: 46:25

Distance: 8km

Avg. Speed: 10.3km/h

Calories: 449.6cal



Sky Li is the male winner:

Female winner is the first two-time winner Celia, coming from MRI.
Here we go for ActiveX!
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Active Kids Day

Posted by ericbenjaming Sep 7, 2010

Today we had 1st Active Kids Day at Xi'an office.






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It is a super busy sports month for Active China.

The inner Table Tennis competition is running at the office, both at Xi'an and Chengdu;

The new season basketball league started yesterday afternoon, Active Xi'an signed up two teams, yesterday team A beat TeleNav with 33-25.

More games and activities to come, since we will have 10K for Male and 7K for Female City Wall Marathon in Sep.


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July MRI Super Star

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 3, 2010

Congrats Anson crown the MRI July Super Star!


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Congrats Candy!

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It was a great day yesterday! M+M China team (MRI, A2, Active Trainer & eTeamz) had a great team event with ALAN COLE and BELINDA LU on Xi’an City Wall on Friday. It was the Alan’s first trip to China office, and also was the first time to have all China team members in M+M gathered for an event, 4 funny activities scheduled started from afternoon: Egg Tower Building, Cycling Relay, 100m Sprint with Balloon, Cooking Competition. Luckily we watched the folk-custom show from the Wall!

Egg Tower Building – This is def a collaborating activity, we eventually have 5 products by groups.


Cycling Relay was so funny, because a female team beat the strong male team -

Clap with teammate means you could turn back to get your next teammate on the race!

The third game 100m Sprint with Balloon, which required two players do a 100 sprint carrying a balloon without limb touch.


Couple of girls cooked themselves and bring their food to site, here you go the last game – Cooking Competition:



Also watched a folk custom show from the wall, it was awesome!


See the family photo –

Comparing with the traditional boring dinner team event, I love this kind of event badly!

See more photos here -

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