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Finished 2011 Shimano Bikers’ Festival – Men’s EliteMTB race with my nice crew - 9 ActiveX’ers, ALLEN QIN, COLINLI, EDA ZHAO, WESLEY WANG, RUI ZHANG, BRUCE XU, WESLEY WANG, KAREN YANG, FOD SHADBAKHT and a friend. It was raining hard during the whole race, and court wasawesome except the climbing and slippery part. Unfortunately this was a verybad organized race, almost half of the participants didn't catch up the starttime due to all the race categories were ahead of time to play. Hopefully therace organizer could be more professional and respectful those participants whorode 1hr in the hard rain to join the race! But anyway, the team had a greatpost-race meal together, and it's always feeling great to stay with ActiveXteam.

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First HM Training

Posted by ericbenjaming Aug 12, 2011

First day of this month, I just finished my first HM training within 2hrs, great improvement. In the first two weeks, I trained very hard and there're too much calories burned.

Kris just bought a new bike this month, then I have another new partner to train with me, mainly we did the night ride, here's the latest ride stats, pretty good:

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Crazy week for AXCC 2011!

AXCC Xi'an1.jpg

AXCC Xi'an2.jpg

AXCC Xi'an3.jpg

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UCC Cycling Race Results

Posted by ericbenjaming Jul 12, 2011

Here're the results from UCC cycling race:


2011UCC&ZOOM全国业余自行车联赛 西安站
【   山地男子中级组 】
1M412GARY LOAFMAN20:46:35.06635.29km/h
2M411陶文乐   20:46:35.18135.28km/h
3M414胡浩       20:46:35.20135.28km/h
DNFM331王微1  -1Lap
DNFM328李岩1  -1Lap
DNFM333徐斌1  -1Lap
DNFM330董刚1  -1Lap
DNFM332黄峰1  -1Lap
参赛人数 = 196
完赛人数 = 159
2011UCC&ZOOM全国业余自行车联赛   西安站
【   山地男子精英组 】
DNFM053刘继戈2  -1Lap
参赛人数 = 77
完赛人数 = 62
2011UCC&ZOOM全国业余自行车联赛   西安站
【   山地女子组 】
65M160杨珂1  0:42:03.78719.54km/h
参赛人数 = 94
完赛人数 = 66

Gonna do it next year!

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On Sunday, 13 ActiveXers including friends and families, KAREN YANG (QA Lead, IS),FOD SHADBAKHT (English Trainer), EDA ZHAO (Config/Release Engineer, IT), CASH XU (Controller), WESLEY WANG (Software Engineer, ACR), BRUCE XU(QA, ActiveTrainer), TONY CHEN (QA, IS), COLIN LI(Associate Manager, IT), DYLAN HAI (Sys Administrator, IT), STEVEN LIU (Dev, Class) finished our first official bike race in Xi’an, 2011 UCC & ZOOM National Cycling Series, on the symbol of great significance of the famous historic cultural city of Xi'an, the Xi'an City Wall. This is the first and very rare opportunity you can ride your own bike on the City Wall, but it was not that pleasant as you saw or you thought, because it was so bumpy!

The team finished the all the MTB categories safely, most of us rode 2 laps (27.4KM) and plus 4 finished a group ride. The speed winner in the team is Eda, who finished at 56’50’’. The distance winner is Dylan, who finished 4 laps totally. It was funny to have a day like this, we made some stupid mistakes, but we finished pretty awesome, as a team.  Also thanks for ANSON ZHAO, JESSIE JI, LILY BU, SUSIE HOU, VERA MA AND JANE SHI’s volunteering and supporting at the start/finish line! They’re real pro photographers, bike mechanics, and logistics! Luckily I noticed we’re the only team with our own volunteers and supporters in the race!

ActiveX Cycling Xian1.jpg

ActiveX Cycling Xian2.jpg

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XUpdates in June

Posted by ericbenjaming Jun 17, 2011

I like June this year, pretty active, and today just got 14 Xers registered 2011 UCC&ZOOM National Cycling Series - Xi'an, it will start July 10th, contains  Road Race and MTB, 1 lap, 2 laps and 3 laps seperately for amatur, junior and advanced level cyclists.

Running is getting hot, besides 5K run at Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, a new 8K night run was just launched.

I'm aiming to either Beijing Marathon or Xiamen Marathon in 2012. Looking forward.



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This is my first TNF100 Endurance challenge race and my first official trail running! It was an amazing race and definately I need to do it again next year!

This is me at the race!


This me with the 2 times champion!

With DMY.jpg

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Fengshuiling Challenge

Posted by ericbenjaming Apr 30, 2011

The first challenge the most difficult mountain route - Fengshuiling in the Mt. Qinling, with Eda, Colin, Dylan, Wesley and Vivian. GPS stats will be soonly shared.

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I'm so glad right now since I just finished my 1st official hiking, together with Colin, Dylan, Jimmie, Ivy, Dorothy, Edde and Jason, climbed to 1,400M. No pain, seriously. LOL

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6th Hash Run 20110423

Posted by ericbenjaming Apr 24, 2011

It was my 6th hash run on last Sat, yesterday, starting from Dianzi 1st Rd, totally 5K run with 3 games mixed during the run. The running speed is a bit faster than previous ones, game looks fresh, and this time with a lot new faces get together. Fantastic!

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It's been for a long time I haven't put on my soccer boots and gears to the field, though I've made mind for a while to kick a few goals, well, just right time, when the ex-XSoccer coach's leaving comes, I could find myself a reason to do so, and then it happened!

On Saturday morning, played 2 hrs at the QuJiang Pool Relic Park with Sayid, TonyC, Vincent, Behrman, Rocky, Neil, Shane and Locke, amazing crew and we really had a great time playing over there! Hope next game comes soon!

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Just a little bit hiking on Friday from our team event at the Shangwang village, with several girls in team, walking across the river at the rear of the village after lunch, it was a great day for hiking after raining, the mountain was like being washed, and everything smelt fresh.

Girls are shy to move and very careful to step across the river, but they made it, it was very excited! Great team.

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The 2nd annual Tour de 3rd Ring Rd today with Nemo, TonyC, Cash and Bruce. It was awesome enough to ride again with a new PR. 22KM/H vs 17KM/H last year! WOW!

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2011 1st Night Ride

Posted by ericbenjaming Apr 14, 2011

April. 12th night, it was the first night ride in 2011 for the team, together with Bruce and Cash, from home to Chanba district, great ride since really felt the weather turns for the riding season! Stats will be pulled later on with photos.

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Weekend Fun Ride 20100410

Posted by ericbenjaming Apr 11, 2011

Weekend fun ride with Cash, Bruce, Anson, Martin, Kelly and Wesley, total distance 62.5K, great to test my new tires on the trail route, gonna do more CX rides later on!

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