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Weekend Warriors

Posted by Active Toby Mar 2, 2007


[]Today is Friday and for the Weekend Warrior; tomorrow will mark another crucial training day. Often the longest in terms of mileage and duration, the Saturday training session takes endurance athletes to the next level. To get the most from these workouts, it is important to prevent the busy work week and weekday training regiment from taking too large of a toll on energy stores and motivation. Friday evening activities can make or break a Weekend Warrior’s Saturday performance so ample rest and nourishment are fundamental elements to a well calculated plan. A wholesome and well-balanced feast, perhaps as a host or in company of other Weekend Warriors may even produce leftovers for the entire weekend. A neatly organized pile of synthetic fibers, energy gels, sunglasses and fully charged mp3 player and fresh playlist will eagerly greet you, following your full REM slumber. Don’t forget to set the alarm - Rise and Shine!



(Photo provided by Toby Guillette / photographer Toby Guillette)



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