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Today I heard about Wim Hof, a Dutch Daredevil, who holds 9 endurance records for his uncanny ability to withstand temperatures and conditions of the arctic persuasion. I performed additional internet research to learn how the “Iceman”, earned his nickname. I discovered that the Iceman is a master of a yoga technique called, Inner Fire, which acts as an internal thermostat to regulate the practitioner’s inner body temperature, among other things.



Wim Hof is in the record books for sitting in a bath of ice for the longest, an underwater distance swim in freezing water as well as a 13 mile barefoot run above the Arctic Circle in Finland. See video:





The Iceman is attempting to set a new record when he leaves on April 1st for an expedition to summit the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, while wearing only boots, shorts, gloves and a hat. Expedition leader Werner de Jong told reporters by telephone from the Netherlands, "He will not climb all the way in shorts, only in sections, but we plan to set many new world records”.



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