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Run & Bike Across America

Posted by Active Toby on Mar 16, 2007 3:28:00 PM

Beginning in Oregon and ending 108 days later in Delaware, Paul Staso completed his 3,260 mile run across the U.S.A. on October, 20, 2006. Paul Staso was running to promote his campaign called P.A.C.E. Run 2006, which stands for "Promoting Active Children Everywhere". In addition to becoming the seventh person to successfully complete the unsupported trans-continental crossing, Staso was able to encourage active and healthy lifestyles in the lives of many young people from coast-to-coast. His 30 mile per day effort took much training and planning which was not new to this ultra endurance athlete. Click the link to read in more detail of Paul Staso's P.A.C.E. Run 2006.


On April 11, 2007, Staso will embark upon a brand new challenge: to complete a solo crossing of the U.S.A. on a bicycle. Following the same route as the P.A.C.E. Run 2006, Paul will retrace the 3,260 mile route during his newest campaign, P.A.C.E. Bike 2007. Staso will continue to promote youth fitness through motivational presentations as he passes through 15 U.S. states during his voyage from east to west. At an average of 55 miles per day, Staso plans to complete this journey by June, 17. Upon completion, he will become the first person to ever run solo, from coast to coast and then bicycle back across the U.S.A. alone, within one year for a total of 6,520 miles! Stay tuned for updates this spring as we follow his ultra-endurance quest.

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