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Swimming the Amazon

Posted by Active Toby Mar 19, 2007

Slovenia born Martin Strel is an ultra marathon swimmer who has successfully completed expedition length swims of the Danube River, Mississippi River, Paraná River, and the Yangtze river. The Guinness record holder has dedicated his current feat; swimming the entire 3,375 mile long Amazon River, "to the preservation of the rainforest, to raising awareness for Alzheimer´s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, and to promoting telemedicine as a valuable tool in bringing modern medicine to remote areas."


With the goal to finish within 70 days, Strel is currently 46 days in to the 3,375 mile long journey. He and his team are constantly surrounded by the immanent dangers of the land, including venomous snakes, native tribes, crocodiles, jaguars, amoebas, parasites, and whirlpools, just to name a few! Martin Strel has made quite the splash during the quest as many villages have received Strel with grand welcoming ceremonies and celebrations. Stay tuned for updates as Strel swims his way toward another Guinness world record with his slogan: swimming for peace, friendship and clean waters.

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