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As per part I, "Required gear includes a survival blanket, sleeping bag, compass, whistle plus the minimum 2,000 calories per day. The race enforces strict water rations while temperatures routinely reach 120°F during the day, amplifying the difficulty of this race."

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Monday marked the end of the 6-day, 151-mile Marathon des Sables. This race is considered one of the toughest foot races in the world as competitors struggle against the ruthless conditions of the southern Moroccan Desert.


Throughout the 22nd edition of the Marathon of the Sands, the group lessened from 756 to 727. Among those who did not finish the competition was France's Bernard Julé, who passed away in his sleep following the most difficult stage in the competition. Julé, showed no signs of risk after the 70.5-km Stage 5. Teammates found him dead at dawn on Saturday before Stage 6. This unfortunate loss was difficult news for competitors who were moments away from beginning their second straight 70.5-km stage. 


For most competitors, just crossing the finish line is considered a victory for an experience of this magnitude. Despite the odds, Morocco's Lahcen Ahansal secured his 10th victory of this marathon and earned the title, "Prince of the Desert". As Ahansal passed through the finish line, he carried a piece of paper with the number "53" written on it to honor Julé, who wore that number on his race bib.



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