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May is National Bike Month

Posted by Active Toby May 11, 2007


National Bike-to-Work Week begins on Monday, May 14 and culminates on Friday, May 18 with Bike-to-Work Day. As both the temperature outside and the price of gas continue to rise, there isn't a better time than now to start commuting by bike.



[National Bike-to-Work Week|]Bicycle commuting is a great way to stay fit and include exercise in a busy workday. Besides being environmentally friendly, it allows you to save money on gas and avoid annoying rush-hour traffic -- delivering you to the office in an improved state of mind.



As a bike commuter myself, I've seen the high and lows of attempting such a daily endeavor. Impatient drivers, pot holes and the absence of bike lanes can be thoroughly frustrating. Almost daily, I find myself questioning if there really are any requirements for a driver's license in the state of California.



Yet the feeling of accomplishment and the physical invigoration I get when I reach my destination make it entirely worth it. Add to that the friends I've made during the public transportation leg of my commute, and I feel like I'm part of a larger, urban web -- connected to the city I live and work in beyond the door-to-door lifestyle of home/car/office.



Across the country, cities and states are wrestling with a growing population and its effect on transportation budgets. More and more municipalities are realizing the benefits bike trails and bike lanes have on easing congestion and providing citizens with a healthy, fun and inexpensive alternative to driving.



This coming week, add some activity to your daily commute. You just might find there are better things to do in the morning than sit in traffic listening to radio DJs babble.



For tips on how to get started, check out cycling author J.P. Partland's article on bike commuting.



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