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Run-walk-run fun

Posted by Active Toby Jun 6, 2007


I initially discovered the run-walk-run technique when training for my first ultra-marathon in May. Before I registered for the 50K, I was doubtful of my abilities because I had only completed an 18-mile training run. Upon experimentation, I discovered that the run-walk-run technique enabled me to cover twice the distance that I was able to continuously run. When race day came, I broke the run up into walking intervals throughout the race, including walking up hills and covered the 31 miles only 15 minutes over my projected time. I was surprised to learn that despite its advantages, there are still critics who believe that walking is a sign of poor fitness and conditioning.



Jeff Galloway’s Run-walk-run to faster times, faster recovery article goes into greater detail, highlighting the benefits and strategy behind walking intervals. I’m a huge fan of this technique and will incorporate this into my training for my next ultra-running event. As of now, it looks like the Bulldog 50K is next on the list. We’ll see how the rehabilitation of my Achilles tendon goes over the next month when incorporating non-impact training on my brand new Novara Strada road bike 



As you can see, my mind is on over-drive as I adjust to being done with 18 weeks of marathon training. Setting new goals is going to help me work towards overcoming this injury while staying aware of this vulnerable stage. I have learned a greater respect for my body and its limitations. My approach to future endeavors now incorporates a greater awareness that my “endurance spirit” is stronger than my body. Finding a balance is going to require healthier communication between my mind and body.      



I’m going to leave you with a quote by Napoleon Hill, an American author of personal-success literature in the early 1900s and famous for the following hallmark saying:



What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.



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