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Like he did for Dominique Rolling after his stage win at the Amgen Tour of California, Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team owner Sean Tucker put Ivan Dominguez on a Times Square big screen after his Tour of Georgia Stage 1 win.



The victory ensured that Toyota-United remains the only team in the world to have won at least one stage in every major American tour over the past three seasons.


You can listen to Sean Tucker talk about the team, why Rollin is know as "The Horse" and the future of American cycling at

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The Tour de Georgia is underway! Yesterday, super-sprinter Ivan Dominguez of the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team won the 70.4-mile stage 1 from Tybee Island to Savannah.


Photo courtesy of Action Images


From the Toyota-United press release:

Ivan Stevic from Toyota-United was in an early breakaway of six riders that never gained more than a minute advantage over the field for most of the race. "With eight kilometers to go, the Pro Tour teams formed an alliance and drove hard to catch the leaders. Our guys were waiting in the wings to spring Dominguez to the finish if Stevic's group was caught," said Len Pettyjohn, Team Director for Toyota-United. 


With 1,000 meters to go, Henk Vogels the team captain of Toyota-United led the charge with Dominique Rollin, Ivan Dominguez and Hilton Clarke on his wheel to set up the sprint for Dominguez.  "Henk put us in a perfect position and took me to 500 meters where I let loose with everything I had to deliver Ivan as close to the finish as possible before he blew past me with 200 meters to go and easily won," said teammate Dominique Rollin.


"With 50 meters to go, I looked under my arm and saw I had the same gap as when I passed everyone earlier and realized then I was the fastest and no one was going to pass me."  said Dominguez after the race.




Read more on the Tour de Georgia at Active Expert Bruce Hildenbrand's blog.


And you can follow all the action live over at . The fine folks at have more on catching the peachiest cycling race in the world.

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Olympian Jeff Galloway is conducting free clinics throughout the United States to help both novice and experienced runners make the most of their ability.


Jeff has coached over 250,000 runners to their goals and is the author of more than a dozen books on running. An All-American runner at Wesleyan University, he has developed clinics for NASA astronauts, vice-president Al Gore and a variety of North American corporations. He also served on the Atlanta Committee for the 1996 Olympic Games, designing a heritage program to bring the Olympic excitement and fitness into area schools.


These lively sessions feature plenty of time for individual questions and cover key points that include:


-Maximizing training effect in a minimum of time

-How to train for a marathon/half marathon and not be tired

-How to stay injury free

-How the run-walk-run method allows you to run faster in races

-Fat burning tips

-Nutrition for running

-How to be more motivated


For specific locations and times, visit . Dates and times subject to change.


  • Daytona, FL -- April 19

  • Sarasota, FL -- April 19

  • Tampa, FL -- April 20

  • Lakeland, FL -- April 20

  • Charlotte, NC -- April 23

  • Raleigh, NC -- May 3

  • New York, NY -- May 5

  • Mahwah, NJ -- May 6

  • Springfield, MO -- May 12

  • Salt Lake City, UT -- May 14

  • Dallas, TX -- June 7

  • Temple, TX (Scott & White Half) -- June 8

  • Orlando, FL -- June 28

  • Sacramento, CA -- July 10

  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- July 26

  • Pensacola, FL -- August 9

  • Los Angeles, CA -- August 16

  • Albany, GA -- August 23


In addition, Jeff offers running schools in four- to five-hour sessions with individualized form evaluation, personal training information, priority email access afterward and more. Go to for further information about registering, tuition, and details on exact times and locations.


  • San Jose, California - Thursday, April 24

  • Conway, Arkansas - Saturday, May 10, noon-5 p.m., Chamber of Commerce, 900 Oak Street, Conway 72032

  • Dallas, Texas - Saturday, June 7

  • Austin, Texas - Sunday, June 8

  • Orlando, Florida - Saturday, June 28

  • Sacramento, California - Thursday, July 10

  • Fresno, California - Monday, July 21

  • Fargo, North Dakota - Saturday, July 26

  • Hawkinsville, Georgia - Saturday, October 11

  • Princeton, New Jersey - Sunday, December 7


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Active Endurance Weekly

Posted by Active Toby Apr 9, 2008

Active Endurance Weekly: 4/7


Ryan Hall is back in London for the London Marathon on April 13, check out the racing news at Runner’s World, where Hall says I don't think I've ever been this fit in my life" and listen to a podcast with Hall over at TFS.


There have been 19 world records set in the sport of swimming and 18 of them using one suit - the Speedo LZR Racer since its debut in February, 2008. Swimsuit manufacturer/competitor, Arena, is pushing the governing body of the sport, FINA, to ban the Speedo suit on the grounds that it is illegal. The swimsuit debate continues.




It looks like Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. will be the official outfitter for the U.S. team at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Here is the article in the Wall Street Journal.


Have you heard the latest craze over the detoxifying magic of apple cider vinegar?

Check out this and the 10 Outrageous Diet Scams at Mark Sission’s Daily Apple.


Set your TiVo tonight because the Ironman World Championship 70.3 will air on NBC April 12.

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