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After representing the U.S. at the Olympics in swimming and triathlon, Sheila Taormina will once again proudly wear the stars and stripes -- this time in modern pentathlon. She was recently nominated (though not officially finalized) to her fourth Olympic team in her third sport by the USOC (full story, including an explanation on why it isn't yet "official," here.)


Modern pentathlon consists of shooting, swimming, running, equestrian and fencing. Taormina was a gold medalist in swimming at the 1996 Games in Atlanta in the 4x200 relay. After making the transition to triathlon for the 2000 Sydney Games, she placed sixth. In Greece four years later, Taormina again participated in triathlon, finishing 23rd.


Sheila Taoarima prepares for the swimming event of the modern pentathlon competition at the 2007 Pan Am Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. AP Photo/Armando Franca


Taormina's ability to adapt to new sports seems uncanny. The progression from swimming to tri may be natural, but to take up shooting, fencing and equestrian shows dedication and the willingness to learn and try new things. But she's also overcome more than having to reinvent herself as an athlete. As ESPN reports, Taormina's ordeal with a stalker has led her to become a stronger person.

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