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This Week?s Best Endurance Posts

Posted by Active Toby on Jun 12, 2008 9:03:24 AM

Before you head out for your weekend, check out some of this week's most best posts from the Cool Running and Active communities:


•     Why was the swim so hard?

“Ok, so I'm not the greatest swimmer, but I raced ina tri today (first time) and the swim was only 200meters... I thought I was well prepared, but I got in and started swimming and around the first buoy all of a sudden I felt like I was about to have an asthma attack...”

•     Calcium Question

“I know our resident nutrionist is a busy little beaver these days, but maybe someone else can help. I've been thinking of cutting out red meat and dairy all together. I'll still get my protein from seafood and the occasional chicken, but is taking Vitamin D and calcium supplements good enough to cover the dairy loss?”

•     Time or distance?

“Do the posters here run distance? Time? A combination? I have always set my runs for just distance, but I am beginning to think that I need to change my schedule to get better times . . .”

•     Trouble with my running

“The problem that I keep getting into is when I run I will be doing great at first, but then my side will cramp up and my legs will sort of ache up, leading me to walk for a second. When I go to run again my side is fine but my legs are more sore than when I stopped to walk. Does anyone have advice of what I can do to get past this threshold and run for a much longer distance?”

•     Why am I gaining weight?

“I am training for a marathon. I am now up to 35 miles a week. I thought I'd lose weight but I was surprised to weigh myself today and find I have gained 4 lbs.”

•     Want To Run 50k On My 50th (Apr '09) , Realistic or Not?

“I want to do my first 50k on the weekend I turn 50. Is that a realistic goal? I am not really doing any training right now, my time line to start seriously is August 01.”

•     Want a Protein snack low in fat yet easy to carry

“Does anyone know of a good low fat, high protein snack that is easy to carry and eat? Until I find something better, I'm using South Beach High Protein bars (Peanut Butter) but they have 5 grams of fat, and worse, 2 of those grams are saturated. So I'm looking for something with characteristics of Kashi Go Lean cereal (13G protein, 1G fat) BUT that is easy to carry to an informal meeting at work.”

•      I can't help it, I have to.

“I tried this running malarkey one before - i think I got to about week 6 of c25k, but it was so painful for my knees I ended up so I was supposed to walk with a stick. The doctor did a test for arthritis and ruled that out, then said "don't run then." which I sulked about for a while and eventually tried to forget about running.”

•      Dog attack

“Forgive me if this is a repeat. I just can't get the experience out of my mind. I was out in my own neighborhood Saturday morning for a jog. I had my MP3 player on with a great song. The weather was hot, but beautiful. All of a sudden something tackled me from behind.”

•     1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 8th

“I have a funny MRI story. Last October I was at my job (nurse in a convelescent home). I had been running my usual, about 12 miles a week, and I had this pain behind my knee for over a week. I bent down at work to crank a bed, and when I stood up, the pain behind my knee went away.”

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