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This Week?s Best Endurance Posts

Posted by Active Toby on Jun 19, 2008 3:18:36 PM

Before you head out for your weekend, check out some of this week's most best posts from the Cool Running and Active communities:


•     Performance drinks

“What are your preferences and why? I've used Accelerade (power). A little too chalky and it seems difficult to disolve. And it's nasty in a Camelbak since it's too hard to clean. Yesterday I bought some Cytomax.”

•     Long Runs in San Francisco, Water Stops?

“I'm going to be in San Francisco later this week (6/19-20) and would like to do a long run (maybe 16 miles or thereabouts). I'm staying at the Westin Hotel, Market and 3rd. I would like some recommendations for a route and also any info on water availability”

•     1/2 Marathon Trainers, Week of June 15th

“Question for all - in your training for HM's have you ran the actual distance before race day? A lot of the plans seem to have you run the distance for the first time on race day. I take some comfort mentally in knowing I have run a distance before. Thoughts?”

•     Long Run Updates (Version 2008)

“As many of you remember from last year, we started a thread dedicated specifically to comments on our weekly long runs. I know that it was a consistent source of motivation for me, and the requisite deviations off topic were often hilarious. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to bring it back as we start getting into our training for this year's MCM.”

•     I've run 2 5K's this year. Is a sprint triathlon to ambitious?

“Question: There is a sprint triathlon in Sept (.4 mile swim-13 K bike-5K run) that I have been eyeing. Is this too ambitious for a newbie? The most daunting tasks seem to be the transitions from swim to bike to run.”

•     Bike cases for airplane travel

“I would like to avoid buying the most expensive bells and whistles case on the market, but I also don't want to sacrifice the safety of the bike by buying something too cheap. Any thoughts on specific brands or models? Styles (soft case versus hard case) Caster wheels? Any pitfalls experienced traveling triathletes can note for me to avoid?”

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