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Before you head out for your weekend, check out some of this week's best posts from the Cool Running and Active communities:


•     Half the Year is Gone...What have you Done?

“I've been gone for awhile...I've been rehabing a right leg injury since the end of May and have only run about 13 miles since then but have been continuing with my cross training.”

•     Jay’s Week That Was: Baltimore 1 of 16

“I am now officially in training for the Baltimore Marathon on October 11. I hope that this blog will illustrate what training to race 26.2 miles can look like, at least for this 38-year-old husband/father/teacher. There is no way to know how (or even if) I will finish, but this will be the real journey.”

•     Ammonia Smelling Sweat

“Sometimes when I run a long training run (upwards of 12 miles or so) at the end, I feel like I can "taste" or "smell" ammonia. I've always assumed that this is caused by my body depleting all my glycogen stores and going into ketosis.”

•     Keeping Motivated and Fighting Burnout

“Today I had really tough run. At eight miles, it wasn't necessarily the distance this time, but I think I've been a little sore for some time. Anyway, it was the most worn out I've felt for some time and I think I'm starting to lose a bit of spirit and motivation. Lately I've been feeling a little frustrated that I haven't been improving as quickly as I'd like.”

•     FYI: Less than six months until Christmas.

Just trying to cool things off a bit. Hope it helps. BTW, I want a Garmin 405 and some good motion control trail running shoes. Oh, and whirled peas.

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