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Before you head out for your weekend, check out some of this week's best posts from the Cool Running and Active communities:


•      Half Marathon substitute for long run?

”My question is, can the intensity of the races balance out the mileage lost each time? Or do I need to add something during the weeks after?”


•     At what distance should I start Hydrating?

” Right now, I'm training for a 10K. At this point in my program, my max distance is 6 miles. At what distance do you start to consider taking water or other liquids with you on your run?”


•     Pace vs HR Question

“I am wondering what is better in the long term, a very slow jog where I can keep my heart rate lower or shorter faster runs where I would have to stop sooner. I am 38 and about 50 pounds overweight.”


•     sub 2-hour marathon?

”Two of my friends made a bet back in college - one friend said in the next 50 years, someone will run a sub 2-hour marathon and the other friend disagreed. This was 12 years ago so the questions is, in the next 38 years, will someone break 2-hours?”


•     Keeping the Rubber Side Down: Toshi’s Mini-Cal Tour on Lil’ Giant

“I will be cycling from Nor-Cal to Central California and back starting from Thursday 8/28 to Monday 9/1. The trip will be from San Jose, CA to Bakersfield, CA and the distance is about 240 mile one way, 480 miles total.”

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