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Best Endurance Posts of the Week

Posted by Active Toby on Sep 18, 2008 2:28:53 PM

Before you head out for your weekend, check out some of this week's best posts from the Cool Running and Active communities:


•     Who wears short shorts?!?!?!?!?!

“...WE WEAR SHORT SHORTS!!! But why? I always give the cleche (sp) anwers of "aero-dynmacicity (word?), keeps you cooler, better range of motion, its part of the culture, and hey I look good in them!" Are these really the answers??? Why do we do it?”

•     Forty days and forty nights

“MCM is coming down!"

•     In desperate need of help...

“I am totally struggling with staying motivated to do the MCM. The longest run I did (2 weeks ago) was 16 miles and I felt great and like I could go forever. NOW I'm struggling to get out of bed to do my daily runs and I completely gave up today for my 10 miler (only did 5).”

•     Last Meal

“I am wondering what I should eat for dinner the night before the MCM? After reading on this message board about waking up in the middle of the night to eat pancakes before a long run, I tried it and I am a believer. It worked.”

•     race day breakfast

“I have a road race sunday morning, a simple 5k. i was thinking about having a bowl of cereal combined with a bagel and orange juice. should i alter this in any way? i was told pancakes are carbs-heaven.”

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