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Before you head out for your weekend, check out some of this week's best posts from the Cool Running and Active communities:


•     Zoot vs Newton vs Asics Racer?

"My next pair of racing shoes will be from one of the above mentioned names, I think. I just don't know which?"


•     Can u maintain strength levels w free weights and train for a marathon?

”Played football in school and have always enjoyed running and lifting weights. I just ran a half marathon in San Diego on June 1st and I m now preparing to run my first full marathon at the PF Chang's in January.”


•     Sick and in training...please help me!

“I need some advice...  I am scheduled to run my first half-marathon on October 11th. On Sunday I had a fantastic long run (12.25 miles), and I felt great afterwards! I am starting to taper this week and felt totally on track...”


•     Do you bleed for this sport?

”Just found photos from Sunday's half. That's not a cherry flavored sport-drink stain dripping down from the S on my singlet. Pretty gross if you ask me.”


•     Running Challenge..

“This is the opening statement that is on the website that Pearl Izumi has put out there. Their advertising is in my mind awesome. My challenge to you all is that you 1) do not get offended at the statement below, 2) you challenge yourself to always be a runner (to me that is make it a lifestyle and not a hobby), and 3) if all you can do is speed walk that you do that because it is far better then a sedentary life.”


•     Deferring to 2009

“As some of you may recall, I had posted a response about not running pending a cardiologist appointment. That happened 2 Thursdays ago, and last Tuesday I went in for a cardiac catheterization, where the cardiologists inserts a catheter into your femoral artery, injects some dye and gets a better picture of your arteries and heart. Needless to say from the title of the post, news wasn't good.”

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