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P.A.C.E. Trek 2009 Press Release

Posted by Active Toby on Jan 15, 2009 3:27:02 PM

Kids And Adults Worldwide To  Virtually Run And Walk With Man Through Alaska


A 44-year-old  husband, father of four and ultra-endurance athlete pushing a  jogging stroller of gear will virtually trek with thousands of children  and adults  worldwide over a 500-mile course through the rugged terrain of Alaska  between April 20 and May 12, 2009. Paul  Staso accomplished a 3,260-mile solo run across the United States in  2006 and a 620-mile solo run across Montana in 2008  ─  virtually trekking with teams of children using his unique approach to  promoting youth health and fitness. Now he's heading as far north as  the Arctic Circle and for the first time will virtually bring  adults along on his journey.


"The Alaska journey, called P.A.C.E. Trek 2009, is my way of trying  to make an impact in the childhood obesity issue and the continuing  decline of youth health and fitness," Staso says. "The  journey through Alaska will require me to average 30 miles per day  as I encounter some rugged and breathtaking terrain.  I'll be virtually traveling with teams of children and adults from around the world as  they access my web sites, and, and learn about the  locations we're trekking through via my writings, pictures and media  files."




In May 2008 Staso accomplished the inaugural P.A.C.E. Trek by  virtually bringing  children with him across the state of Montana. Through rain, wind, heat and  snow Staso persevered across Montana, averaging 31 miles per day for  20 days during the east-to-west run. There were 108 teams of children (8,000+ runners and  walkers) globally following along with him and cumulatively those teams logged  over 42,000 miles during the trek. P.A.C.E. is an acronym for  Promoting Active Children Everywhere and that is what Staso  aims to achieve through his endeavors.




"Since I completed my 108 days of running coast-to-coast across  America, I've had opportunities to speak to many audiences about the  purpose of P.A.C.E. and what I believe needs to be done to turn the tide on  the growing epidemic of childhood obesity," Staso says. "Kids  need to see that if you take care of your body it can take you on  some wonderful adventures    ─  far more satisfying than staring at a television or computer for  hours on end. By the reactions I receive from children,  I know that my message and endurance journeys intrigue many."


Staso, a former 5th grade teacher, has developed an extensive web  site at so teachers and students from  kindergarten through 12th grade can be involved in the trek. There  is no cost to register a P.A.C.E. Trek team and teachers can  sign up a team at For the 2009 endeavor Staso decided  that it was time for adults to get involved in the virtual journeys.  Therefore, adults can register teams for free via Staso, who  organizes and funds much of the endurance journeys himself, intends to do  the treks annually in different locations  ─ as long as  his body holds up.   




"We've set it up so that teachers will have everything needed at  the web site and it would not take any more than 10  minutes per day for 17 school days. That's a commitment of less than  3 hours total," Staso says. "Last year we had teams reaching  from Germany to Georgia; Malaysia to Maine; Australia to Alaska;  Italy to Iowa... and so many places in between. I'm very excited to  also offer an opportunity to parents and non-parents to get involved  through"


Once again Staso will push a jogging stroller to carry essential  equipment, including: food, water, GPS, running gear, and more  ─ even a solar panel for charging electronic gadgets. Lodging  will be arranged before the journey begins.


Staso grew up in Alaska, attending such schools as Eagle River  Elementary; Gruening Middle School; Chugiak High School; and,  Juneau-Douglas High School - from which he graduated in 1983. Montana has been  Staso's home for the past 25 years. He is committed to doing what he  can to inspire, educate and motivate children and adults toward greater health and fitness. Staso also wants  people to set personal goals and reach for their dreams. As  he says, "Your dreams are beyond the horizon, and you have to  persevere to the horizon in order to realize those dreams."


When  not on the road, Staso develops virtual trek  curriculums which many schools have either adopted or imitated,  including a Run/Walk Across America trek (  and a fitness journey along historic Route 66 (  He also develops corporate web sites and provides Internet marketing  services through OnTrack Designs.


Staso is asking all who hear about his latest endeavor, P.A.C.E.  Trek 2009 (and the adult challenge called S.T.E.P. There), to share the  upcoming 2009 Alaska trek with as many people as possible. "The Alaska adventure will be a  fun, educational trek for all involved,  regardless of age or where they're located," Staso says. "Since it's  a free and unique opportunity I particularly hope that school teachers and  coaches will sign up student teams and support the aim of getting kids up,  moving and learning."


You can learn more about P.A.C.E. Trek 2009 at,  and the adult challenge at You can also  experience Staso's 2006 solo run across America online at,  and his 2008 solo run across Montana at



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