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Before you head out for your weekend, check out some of this week's most best posts from the Cool Running and Active communities:


•     Other Sunday Runs

“I went into this with no great expectations. It was advertised as a "challenging" course (we all know what that means - it ain't flat) and I had a mediocre 13 mile run last weekend.”


•     Breast stroke versus freestyle

“Hi I was hoping to get some ideas and thoughts on my swimming. I am hoping to complete an Olympic triathlon this summer after completing 3 sprint triathlons in the past. I am 44 years old and have never learned how to swim freestyle but so far completed the races by swimming the breast stroke.”


•     Donating blood

“Ok, I'm due. I need to donate blood. Why? Because I can and I should. After donating blood, I will not run for at least 2 days. Obviously the O2 carriers are on the rebound so the body will need to rest a bit.... thus I'll cut back on effort for a little while. But how long?”


•     MCM/SD 100-mile relay!

“Idea: Toby is running 100 miles by himself this weekend. We support our community and we're all runners ourselves. We should have a nation-wide 100-mile relay... we could all chip in some miles to morally support Toby!”


•     Little encouragement needed on lack of speed

“First, let me start by sharing my victorious start to the weeked.....I went out this morning and completed week 5, day 3 of the C25K program, and made it through the 20min!! I am elated!”


•     bike before swim training

“i just started training for my first sprint and am finding that it is easier for me to bike and then swim, as opposed to swim then bike (as my training plan tells me). i feel strong in both areas, mostly worried about the is it ok to reverse the order of my training?”


•     Marathon Trainers, Week of June 1st

“A general question to all. As my runs are increasing in distance and time, I am wondering when I need to start thinking about carrying water. Thoughts?”

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