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One Continent Down...

Posted by ManintheArena Aug 21, 2007

Dan Sheret, who is attempting to cycle around the world, dipped the front wheel of his bicycle into the Pacific Ocean on August 16 after pedaling 4,120 miles across the country.


Sheret is an amputee who is riding to raise awareness for Clear Path International’s work with landmine and bomb survivors. Sponsored by the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team, he began his trip in Washington, D.C. escorted by Toyota-United riders Henk Vogels and Ivan Stevic. During the journey, Sheret stopped several times for media appearances, including an interview with CNN's Larry King.


Sheret leaves September 3 for the United Kingdom to begin the second part of his 16,000-mile Ability Trek 2007.


“I am going to trade the bike for my kayak and spend a couple of days on a beach eating crab and oysters,” Sheret said from his North Carolina home last week. More info on the ride can be found at .

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One Year Out

Posted by ManintheArena Aug 8, 2007

Today, August 8th, begins the one-year countdown to the 2008 Olympics Games in Beijing, China. Spending more money than any other host city ever, Beijing's venues are nearly ready for competition, with several staging test events in the next six months. To say that China is excited to show itself off to the world would be an understatement.


Fans of the Olympics should also be excited to learn that NBC will broadcast over 3,600 hours of coverage. The majority of it will be available via live streaming video online, a first for American viewers. This amount of coverage is more than the total of all previous Summer Games combined. Prime-time coverage will feature live swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball.


Check out for a pretty inspirational video of Olympic highlights.

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My teammates and I competed in the Solana Beach Triathlon on Sunday morning. Our team,, won the mixed relay division and posted the best relay time overall. Swimmer, Carrie Smith handled the ¼-mile in 6 minutes, 59 seconds; our cyclist, Airey Baringer, biked the nine miles in 24:45; and I ran the 5K in 18:43 for a total team time of 50:27. Our performance ranked 15th place overall on the day.


Our team is satisfied with the outcome of the race and we’ve already begun planning our next event. I think we were most excited for the opportunity to compete as a team because we’ve each become used to training and competing on an individual basis. The camaraderie of the team environment proved motivational and I recommend this experience for anyone looking to get involved in the sport of triathlon or to gain valuable race-pace experience in any of the individual disciplines.


Individually, I set a PR because it was actually my first 5K distance. I felt extremely powerful throughout the 3.1 miles, and I’ve recovered well already. It’s interesting to note that on Sunday I raced at a six-minutes-per mile pace and on August 11 I will be attempting the Mount Disappointment 50-mile ultra marathon, which demands a conservative pace of approximately 10-minute miles of mixed running and fast hiking.


Here is a video I made of the event using the video editing technology, Jumpcut, which is a new feature of

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For anybody looking for something a little more uplifting in the cycling world than the news coming out of France, tune in to "Larry King Live" on CNN Friday, July 27 (9pm ET, 6pm PT).


A segment called "Against All Odds" will feature Daniel Sheret, an endurance cyclist and below-the knee amputee attempting an around-the-world trip to raise money and awareness for Clear Path International and their work with landmine and bomb survivors. Sheret, who is sponsored by the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team, left Washington, D.C. on June 1. He is currently finishing up his trip across America in California.


More info on the journey can be found at

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[]In response to Trish's post, with Barry Bonds approaching the Major League Baseball home run record at a steady pace, the uncomfortable discussion of his hall-of-fame worthiness continues to underscore the priorities of American professional sports.


European bicycle racing has been the target of major doping scandals, investigations and confessions for decades. The endless cycle of use, detection and deception has recently injected its presence into professional baseball and steroid testing is now prevalent throughout the league. The slippery slope includes widespread use of human growth hormone (HGH) because there is not a test designed or administered to target the use of HGH. Now a urine test is in the developmental stages and thus the cycle continues.



The consequence for doping in the sport of professional cycling can cost an athlete his records, sponsorship and career while Major League Baseball players pay fines and serve multi-game suspensions. Even under the most aggressive circumstances, athletes in our society are encouraged to risk it all when the reward of sports success outweighs the punishment and stigma associated with the use performance enhancing drugs.



Whether Bonds enters the history books accompanied by an asterisk, or not, the origin of this subject remains the relationship of sport to our society. The complex web of commerce, media and politics will always dictate what the consumer deems moral or not. Fans will continue to buy tickets and tune in across the country to watch these modern-day super heroes “go yard.”



(Photo courtesy of Gettyimages / Stockbytes)



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[]The two-wheeled beast rests dormant in the corner of my bedroom. It sits at bay, pedal-less, knowing that I can’t pass the human-powered vehicle without visions of high-speed spinning along the Pacific Coast Highway. It knows that every morning I arise and examine the pedal-less crank, hopeful that my clip-less pedals will arrive in the mail that day. Until then, the inaugural ride of my brand new road bicycle must wait another day.



In light of my most recent acquisition, I realize that shopping for a bicycle can be an overwhelming process. There are certainly many questions to consider along the way. Bruce Buckley from Windy City Sports has helped eliminate the guess-work in his article, Component Speak. Buckley explains which components are most valuable to the overall performance of your bike. This is very helpful information for newbies and for those who already own a bike and plan to upgrade individual components.   



(Photo courtesy of Toby Guillette)




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Landis Trial (Continued)

Posted by Active Toby May 24, 2007


In part 1, the *U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) *accused *Floyd Landis *of using banned *synthetic testosterone *during his *2006 Tour de France *win. Landis’ *urinalysis, *conducted following his outstanding performance in Stage 17, showed an 11-to-1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio. According to the USADA, anything higher than 4-to-1 can be considered a positive test.



[part 1|]The longest anti-doping hearing in U.S. history came to an end yesterday. The three-member arbitration panel will likely take six or seven weeks to deliver its decision but despite the outcome, Landis’ reputation will be tarnished forever.



The nine-day arbitration case, which Landis demanded be open to the public, turned into an aggressive media campaign targeting the methodology used to process drug tests as well as the professional competence of scientists at the French laboratory where Landis tested positive for synthetic testosterone. Landis’ legal team made progress in this effort, although Landis may have shot himself in the foot during the proceedings.



USADA lead lawyer, Richard Young, highlighted the phone call made by Landis’ business manager, Will Geoghegan, to three-time Tour champion, Greg Lemond, late last Wednesday night. The call came from Geoghegan and threatened to expose Lemond’s early childhood history of being sexually abused if Lemond testified against Landis. Despite the threats, Lemond testified and Geoghegan was fired once the news was made public. It was then established that Landis was sitting at the same table as Geoghegan when the call was made. Landis denied all knowledge of the call, but admitted to finding out after the call was made. Young used the fact that Landis waited to fire Geoghegan until the news was made public to portray Landis as desperate and underhanded.



We can assume that this matter will not be solved anytime soon. It will be a month at the very least before the arbitrators release their ruling after which either side reserves the right to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland. When that happens, a new trial will begin and you can check back here for updates.



(Photo provided by Gettyimages / Photographer Gabriel Bouys)



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Landis Trial

Posted by Active Toby May 15, 2007


[]Today was the first day of arbitration for Floyd Landis and his team of defense attorneys at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) accused Landis of using banned synthetic testosterone during his 2006 Tour de France win. Landis’ urinalysis, conducted following his outstanding performance in Stage 17, showed an 11-1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio. According to the USADA, anything higher than 4-1 can be considered a positive test.



Although the credibility of the science and ethics at the French national anti-doping lab has been questioned before, the USADA has never had a charge overturned in 35 cases since it was formed in 2000.



If Landis is found guilty, he will be the first cyclist in the 104-year history of the Tour de France to be stripped of his title and serve a two-year suspension from racing. If he loses this appeal, he has the chance to appeal one last time to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and their decision will be final.



Landis insisted on turning his arbitration hearing into a public process in an effort to expose what he believes is the fraudulent way the USADA and its industry partners do business. The case, which has been in and out of proceedings for 10 months, is set to conclude by next Wednesday. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out: Martin Dugard on the Landis trail -- Day One.



(Photo provided by Gettyimages / Photographer Gabriel Bouys)



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May is National Bike Month

Posted by Active Toby May 11, 2007


National Bike-to-Work Week begins on Monday, May 14 and culminates on Friday, May 18 with Bike-to-Work Day. As both the temperature outside and the price of gas continue to rise, there isn't a better time than now to start commuting by bike.



[National Bike-to-Work Week|]Bicycle commuting is a great way to stay fit and include exercise in a busy workday. Besides being environmentally friendly, it allows you to save money on gas and avoid annoying rush-hour traffic -- delivering you to the office in an improved state of mind.



As a bike commuter myself, I've seen the high and lows of attempting such a daily endeavor. Impatient drivers, pot holes and the absence of bike lanes can be thoroughly frustrating. Almost daily, I find myself questioning if there really are any requirements for a driver's license in the state of California.



Yet the feeling of accomplishment and the physical invigoration I get when I reach my destination make it entirely worth it. Add to that the friends I've made during the public transportation leg of my commute, and I feel like I'm part of a larger, urban web -- connected to the city I live and work in beyond the door-to-door lifestyle of home/car/office.



Across the country, cities and states are wrestling with a growing population and its effect on transportation budgets. More and more municipalities are realizing the benefits bike trails and bike lanes have on easing congestion and providing citizens with a healthy, fun and inexpensive alternative to driving.



This coming week, add some activity to your daily commute. You just might find there are better things to do in the morning than sit in traffic listening to radio DJs babble.



For tips on how to get started, check out cycling author J.P. Partland's article on bike commuting.



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Teva Mountain Games

Posted by Active Toby May 1, 2007

The sixth annual Teva Mountain Games is returning to Vail, Colo. May 30 - June 3. This is the country's largest adventure sports festival celebrating mountain sports, soul and culture. This week-long gathering of professional and amateur outdoor adventure athletes from around the world will feature competition in multiple sports including: freeride mountain biking and big air, cross country racing and the Vail hill climb, freestyle and extreme kayaking, kayak and raft paddlecross, bouldering, speed and dyno climbing, trail running championships, and the Ultimate Mountain Challenge. To Register for events, click here.


Floyd Landis is set to compete as a member of Team Athletes for a Cure in the Ultimate Mountain Challenge. This event is just eight months after the current/tentative/putative/besieged/etc. 2006 Tour de France winner underwent major hip surgery. Click here to read the full story.



In addition to the athletic events, the Teva Mountain Games will include an adventure photography competition, a film competition, an interactive exhibition and demo area, live music and the prestigious Everest Awards ceremony.

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P.A.C.E. Tour 2007

Posted by Active Toby Apr 25, 2007

Last week, Paul Staso canceled his transcontinental-campaign, P.A.C.E. Bike 2007, due to a series of unfortunate events. Less than one week after retuning home to his family, Staso has vowed to continue promoting youth fitness in America. This time, he won?t be traveling by foot or bike -- he'll be driving. On April 30, Staso will travel to Delaware and begin a one-month, cross-country speaking tour at schools along the route that he ran during his P.A.C.E Run 2006.


Staso has shifted gears from fitness to logistics in a last-minute effort to raise funds for his journey. Six-thousand miles of driving in a month is a daunting task, but nothing like his 3,260-mile east-to-west-coast run in 2006. Without the physical burden, Staso will benefit from increased energy during P.A.C.E. Tour 2007 and will make frequent stops to conduct quality motivational presentations and raise awareness in children about the importance of health and fitness.


[series of unfortunate events|] Staso's real-life struggle during his attempt to cycle across the country has created a more endearing persona. Instead of Staso being viewed as an athlete that is capable of the extraordinary, he now has more human-like characteristics associated with him. This new platform will allow Staso to reach a greater audience of children who have experienced a similar struggle with setting and reaching goals. Our thoughts and support are with Staso as he continues Promoting Active Children Everywhere.

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Preseason check-up

Posted by Active Toby Apr 23, 2007

Spring is here and athletes are emerging from confines of the gym much like spring flowers from the darkness of winter. Soon, scores of brightly colored spandex outfits will sprout along the streets as the sun washes away pale memories of treadmill and bike-trainer workouts. As exciting as it is to trade the smell of chlorine for the freshness of open-water swims, this transition is known for leaving overly eager athletes high and dry. It is important that we respect the vulnerability of our bodies during this adjustment period. Conduct your own Preseason Check-up and be sure to keep yourself on track toward your fitness goals.

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P.A.C.E. Bike 2007 Canceled

Posted by Active Toby Apr 18, 2007

Paul Staso has canceled his transcontinental-campaign, P.A.C.E. Bike 2007, and is flying home today. Staso had a difficult decision to make while fully cognizant that he might be letting people down. His latest online journal entry read, "That won't be a popular decision with everyone, but then again most people who will judge my actions have not experienced the enormity of crossing a continent solo and unsupported." Staso dispelled these external pressures by listening to his heart. He wrote, "I cannot point to one particular thing that is telling me to abandon this trek. However, I do know in my heart that I am taking the right action." He will safely return to his wife and four children, at peace with his decision. The series of unfortunate circumstances that plagued Paul's campaign included an accident, storm and near-robbery. Read Tuesday's P.A.C.E Update for more details.

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P.A.C.E Update

Posted by Active Toby Apr 17, 2007

In March, I blogged about a Paul Staso's campaign to promote youth fitness called P.A.C.E. Bike 2007. Paul began his 3,260-mile transcontinental tour last week in Delaware. Only three days into his journey, Paul experienced a series of unfortunate events. First, he was struck by a car in Washington, D.C. Despite being thrown from the hood of a moving vehicle, Paul was able to regain the physical and mental strength necessary to continue his trip. Once his bike was repaired and he was rested, the weather on the east coast took a turn for the worse and delayed his departure. Although this allowed him more time to rest following the accident, it unfortunately threw-off the timing for each arrival and presentation he had scheduled across the country. Just when he thought it couldn't get worse, he was almost robbed.


Despite these set-backs, Paul is back on-track and will continue P.A.C.E. Bike 2007. Paul is an endurance athlete and is powered by a spirit that is more resilient than most. It is by this perseverance that Paul will continue his journey with more strength and wisdom than before. I plan to keep you updated as Paul continues his campaign, Promoting Active Children Everywhere.

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Hit record on your TiVo this Saturday because you won't want to miss the UCI Americas Tour and the USA Cycling Pro Tour as they stop in Virginia for a 112-mile race from Williamsburg to Richmond.


This beautiful route passes historic Jamestown Plantations on the way to downtown, Richmond where eight circuits will end with a cobblestone climb up Libby Hill.




This North American classic includes top teams from the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and features total prize money of $30,000 for the men's division and $10,000 for the women. Toyota United hopes to make it 10 wins in a row after its recent victory in the Tour of California.




You can find this same-day race coverage on Saturday, April 7, 2:30-5 p.m. Eastern time on your local NBC-affiliate channel.




Visit our community message board for the latest cycling discussion.

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