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Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- 4-Time Olympic medalist Brendan Hansen and 3-Time Olympic Gold medalist and Olympic commentator Rowdy Gaines have joined forces with the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) and PMG Aquatics for the 2009 Ft. Lauderdale Rough Water Swim on Saturday, January 3, 2009.


The open water swimming competition will help raise funds and awareness to promote water safety. Brendan and Rowdy will be present to serve as hosts of the event and to join in the festivities.


Started in 1969 by Buck Dawson, founding executive director of the ISHOF, the Rough Water Swim was first called the Galt Ocean Mile Swim. The one-mile race took place on the newly-developed condo strip of the Fort Lauderdale beach known as Galt Ocean Mile.


It was known for many years as the largest swim race in the U.S. with the largest spectator audience, over 50,000 people, who theoretically would be looking out of their condo/apartment windows. When started, no lifeguards or safety crew existed -- in fact, swimmers were asked to "BYOL" or " bring your own lifeguard" to walk the beach as they swam.


After a few years, the Fort Lauderdale Beach Patrol patrolled the course with their beach Jeeps, and in the early 1980's suggested that the swim move three miles south to the part of Fort Lauderdale Beach which maintained lifeguard stations. Eventually, it became known as the International Swimming Hall of Fame Ocean Mile Swim. It has been held here ever since and is now in its 39th year.


PMG Aquatics , a division of Premier Management Group, has partnered with the International Swimming Hall of Fame to increase the visibility of the race and help raise awareness for drowning prevention.


"We are very excited to be a part of this race, with its incredible history, and to partner with the International Swimming Hall of Fame in promoting a great open water event while simultaneously promoting a worthy cause in drowning prevention" said Bobby Brewer, Vice President of PMG Aquatics.


Originally, the race was set up as an event for the College Coaches Swim Forum -- which has been meeting at the old Casino Pool and now the Hall of Fame Pool since 1935 -- although everyone was invited to participate. Bruce Wigo, CEO of International Swimming Hall of Fame stated, "This has always been such a great event. To now have two leading entities in the swimming community, PMG and the Hall of Fame working together, should hold great things for the future for the competition and the cause to prevent drowning."


The Ft. Lauderdale Roughwater Swim will feature a one mile swim and a 5K challenge for both masters and youth swimmers, and ¼ and ½ mile swims for the younger kids. The Ft. Lauderdale Rough water Swim is a perfect excuse to escape to beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, and enjoy the warm weather and beaches of sunny south Florida.


Swimmers of all ages are encouraged to come out and support this great cause. Travel packages are available. For more information, please visit . You can register for the race here.


About Drowning Prevention

Drowning is one of the unequivocal dangers of recreational water use. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 400,000 people drown around the world every year. In children, drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental deaths.


About The International Swimming Hall of Fame

The International Swimming Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit educational organization located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our mission is to promote the benefits and importance of swimming as a key to fitness, good health, quality of life, and the water safety of children. We will accomplish this through operation of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, a dynamic shrine dedicated to the history, memory, and recognition of the famous swimmers, divers, water polo players, synchronized swimmers, and persons involved in life-saving activities and education throughout the world, whose lives and accomplishments will serve to inspire, educate, and be role models for all those who participate in the Hall of Fame's experience and programs.


About Premier Management Group

PMG is one of the largest athlete representation agencies for Olympic athletes in the U.S. PMG represents Olympic athletes for endorsements, personal appearances, keynote speeches, motivational speeches, infomercials, trade show appearances, celebrity endorsements, pharmaceutical spokespeople, national spokespeople, clinics, sports events, events, corporate meetings, celebrity satellite media tours, video news releases, and much more. PMG Aquatics is an aquatic marketing and aquatic event management division of PMG. For more information, please visit or .

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