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With the political season heating up, I thought I'd turn my attention to some politicians who have made news in the cycling world.


First up is Mary Peters, Bicycling magazine's recent Wheel Sucker of the Month. Ms. Peters claimed, in an August interview with PBS that bike paths are unnecessary wastes of the government's transportation budget. Unfortunately for cyclists (and the environment and people who would prefer less cars on the road), Peters is the current secretary of transportation.


Then there's Paul Soglin, former mayor of Madison, Wisconsin. On a snowy day in December, he railed against cyclists who braved the roads, writing on his blog that they "should be taken out and shot." Let's hope he stays a "former" mayor.


At least there are politicians like Earl Blumenauer. This Wall Street Journal article details how the Oregon congressman chooses bike over car for his Capitol Hill commute and is a strong voice for cyclist advocacy.


For those looking to relieve the burden high gas prices are putting on their wallet, check out the Gear Junkie's tips on winter commuting.


Ride safe, and remember that exercising your right to vote can sometimes impact your right to exercise.

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