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(March 12, 2008 Los Angeles) This spring, fundraising for charities will take on a whole

new spin. On June 28, thousands of Spinning® enthusiasts across the country will join

actress Fran Drescher and other actors, athletes and enthusiasts to make the U.S. a

“Spinning® Nation”. The largest fundraising event of its kind, registered fundraisers will

participate in four consecutive one-hour classes conducted in licensed Spinning®

facilities throughout the 50 states. Each rider will have raised at least $250 in pledges,

and collected funds will be donated to Athletes for a Cure, The AIDS Research Alliance

and The Cancer Schmancer Movement.


Response to “Spinning® Nation” has already been overwhelming. According to Scott

Zagarino, Executive Director of event-developer Sportsgrants, Inc., over 150 clubs

signed up to participate during the first 10 days of registration. “We designed the event

to accommodate up to 500 clubs which we thought was a very ambitious goal,” said

Zagarino. “However, we have experienced such enthusiastic support for ‘Spinning®

Nation’ we may have to expand the parameters to include more clubs who want to take



“Spinning® Nation” will be a day that marks several firsts in event fundraising. Mad

Dogg Athletics Inc., owners of the Spinning® trademark, has for the first time endorsed a

single nationwide charitable event, and health clubs from coast to coast have never before

joined together to simultaneously conduct the same charitable program. In addition, this

will be the first time three charitable organizations with diverse constituencies have ever

partnered for a single event, one of the goals of the Sportsgrants, Inc. organization. “In

2007, various charity events held in the US raised 43 billion dollars, but at a cost of 57

billion dollars,” commented Zagarino. “We hope to change that fundraising paradigm

through Sportsgrants, Inc. by fostering innovative ideas and cooperation among

foundations, businesses and private citizens that result in effective fundraising with

minimum overhead and maximum benefit to the people and organizations who need our

help the most.”


According to John Baudhuin, CEO of Mad Dogg Athletics, there are currently 165,000

licensed Spinning® instructors and over 1 million people attending a Spinning® class

every week. “We are proud to choose ‘Spinning® Nation’ as our first nationwide

fundraising effort, “ Badhuin said. “It is fantastic to be able to channel the enthusiasm

people have for Spinning® towards fighting some of the world’s most devastating



Fran Drescher, who is president of Cancer Schmancer, is delighted to be part of this

groundbreaking event as well. “I’m absolutely thrilled that Cancer Schmancer has been

included as part of the Spinning® Nation fundraising event. I will do everything in my

power to make the day a success and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping

us realize our goal to ensure that all women’s cancers get diagnosed in Stage One when

they’re most curable.”


Athletes for a Cure is a sports fundraising initiative of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Prostate Cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in America, effecting 1 in 6 men.

The AIDS Research Alliance is a national leader in fast-track independent AIDS

research, seeking to develop a cure for AIDS and develop strategies to prevent new HIV

infections. Thirty-three million people are currently diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.



Media Contact:

Kathy Jones

Halo Group



For more information:

Spinning Nation

Athletes for a Cure

The Aids Research Alliance

The Cancer Schmancer Movement


Visit the Spinning® Nation Online Community

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