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Swimming the Amazon

Posted by Active Toby Mar 19, 2007

Slovenia born Martin Strel is an ultra marathon swimmer who has successfully completed expedition length swims of the Danube River, Mississippi River, Paraná River, and the Yangtze river. The Guinness record holder has dedicated his current feat; swimming the entire 3,375 mile long Amazon River, "to the preservation of the rainforest, to raising awareness for Alzheimer´s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, and to promoting telemedicine as a valuable tool in bringing modern medicine to remote areas."


With the goal to finish within 70 days, Strel is currently 46 days in to the 3,375 mile long journey. He and his team are constantly surrounded by the immanent dangers of the land, including venomous snakes, native tribes, crocodiles, jaguars, amoebas, parasites, and whirlpools, just to name a few! Martin Strel has made quite the splash during the quest as many villages have received Strel with grand welcoming ceremonies and celebrations. Stay tuned for updates as Strel swims his way toward another Guinness world record with his slogan: swimming for peace, friendship and clean waters.

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Stanford swim coach Skip Kenney "selectively removed" the names and best times of 2006 graduates Michael McLean, Peter Carothers, Tobias Oriwol and Rick Eddy, as well as a 1989 performance by Jason Plummer from this year's media guide. Stanford athletic director, Bob Bowlsby, told reporters that the university's former media relations representative, Bob Vazquez, was equally responsible for the violation because of his role in producing the men's swimming guide. Further investigation lead to an interview with 2006 graduate, Michael McLean, and uncovered tension between Kenny and the former swimmer. 4 of McLean's times were erased for what he described as a lasting resentment that Kenny developed following a summer when McLean chose to intern rather than solely focus on training, even though it violates NCAA regulations to require student-athletes to train in the off season. When Kenney was interviewed by the student newspaper, he told them that the omissions were honest mistakes and were not a result of poor relationships with the former swimmers. This violation will lead to disciplinary action by the university after next week's NCAA men?s swimming championships in Minneapolis where Stanford could win it's eight nation title.

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Lewis Pugh is a pioneer swimmer who is the only person to complete a long distance swim in every ocean in the world. Although he has a passion for swimming, he is driven by a greater purpose. Pugh is an avid environmentalist who offers a one of a kind point of view on climate change. During his explorations to areas where most will never see, he has witnessed significant habitat changes including, the retreat of glaciers, decreases in sea ice, coral bleaching, and the migration of animals to colder climates. Pugh has teamed up with a group of 27 coaches, scientists, doctors, boat drivers and environmental experts from all around the world to become a respected public speaker and political lobbyist in the global forum for environmental protection.   



Lewis follows the rules of the Channel Swimming Association which only permits the swimmer to wear a Speedo, cap, and goggles. With Arctic swims in temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, its hard to imagine how this is physically possible. As discussed yesterday in my blog about the “Iceman”, some people do possess this unique ability to endure such extreme temperatures. The phenomenon known in the science world as "anticipatory thermogenises", allows Pugh to protect his vital organs by elevating his core temperature by roughly 35 degrees Fahrenheit before even entering the water!



Here is a video of Lewis attempting to swim the River Thames from its source to sea (203 mile</object>

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Today I heard about Wim Hof, a Dutch Daredevil, who holds 9 endurance records for his uncanny ability to withstand temperatures and conditions of the arctic persuasion. I performed additional internet research to learn how the “Iceman”, earned his nickname. I discovered that the Iceman is a master of a yoga technique called, Inner Fire, which acts as an internal thermostat to regulate the practitioner’s inner body temperature, among other things.



Wim Hof is in the record books for sitting in a bath of ice for the longest, an underwater distance swim in freezing water as well as a 13 mile barefoot run above the Arctic Circle in Finland. See video:





The Iceman is attempting to set a new record when he leaves on April 1st for an expedition to summit the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, while wearing only boots, shorts, gloves and a hat. Expedition leader Werner de Jong told reporters by telephone from the Netherlands, &quot;He will not climb all the way in shorts, only in sections, but we plan to set many new world records”.



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Let’s first begin with this quick reference to get you up-to-date with the different race distances:



Sprint distance triathlon is a 0.45 mile swim (0.75-kilometer), a 13.2 miles bike ride (22K), and a 3.1 mile (5K run).



Olympic triathlon is the distance used at the Olympic Games: a 0.9 miles swim (1.5K), a 24 mile bike ride (40K), and a 6.2 miles run (10K).



Half-Ironman event is a 1.2-mile swim (about 1.9K), a 56-mile bike ride (89.6K) and a 13.1-mile run (21K).



Ironman event is a 2.4-mile swim (about 3.8K), a 112-mile bike ride (179.2K) and a 26.2-mile run (42K or a marathon).



The sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Ironman are the most traditional and mainstream triathlon events. The Ultraman World Championships is an event of epic proportions and is described as “an athletic odyssey of personal rediscovery; as such, they are the next step in the endurance challenge of being human.” The Ultraman World Championships event is a 6.2 mile (10 K) open ocean swim, a 261.4 mile (421 K) cross-country bike ride, and a 52.4 mile (84K) ultra-marathon run. This event takes place over two days where the 6.2 mile swim and 90 miles of the cycling leg are completed. The second day consists of the remaining 171.4 miles of cycling. The third and final day is devoted to the 52.4 (double marathon) run.



These endurance athletes are amazing! Through find raising and accomplishing such super-hero-like feats, most of the participants are racing to benefit a cause or some else. This altruistic approach is often the modus operandi that enables these athletes to endure such a high level if sustain activity.



All of this time, I thought a marathon was tough - I’m heading back to the drawing boards to re assess my priorities!



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Got Inspiration?

Posted by Active Toby Feb 23, 2007


[]In anticipation of a longer marathon training run early tomorrow morning, I found myself in need of some extra motivation. Whenever I find myself in a struggle to regain focus on a big goal that at times seems out of my reach, I refer back to the age old acronym: S.M.A.R.T



1.    Specific: These goals are most clearly defined by the 6 “W” questions – Who, what, where, when, why. The answers to these questions will begin to bring your goals into focus.   



2.    Measurable: By establishing a system for measuring progress toward the attainment of each goal you set, you will find increases in motivation by experiencing a sense of achievement when reaching the smaller incremental goals along the way. To prevent ambiguity and vagueness, make sure to incorporate a quantitative time frame allowing you to carry out those steps and feel successful.



3.    Attainable: Once goals are identified and the incremental goals begin to be accomplished, the larger goals that used to seem far away, begin to grow closer as you grow as a person. It's truly amazing how one begins to figure out ways to make goals become reality. Previously overlooked opportunities manifest themselves and bring you closer to the achievement of your goals, all the while, new attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial strategies develop to help you to reach them.



4.    Realistic: By truly believing that your goal can be accomplished, your goal will be realistic. This is something that you and you alone must decide. Be sure to set each goal as to represent ample growth. By following these guidelines, higher goals often prove to be easier to reach than lower goals because lower goals produce a lower level of motivational energy.



5.    Timely: Goals should be set within a time frame with a starting point, ending point, and fixed intervals along the way. This will perpetuate a sense of urgency to act as target dates approach. Goals without deadlines tend to fade in importance and fall in rank of priority where less commitment is established.



So good luck to all you weekend warriors who are on your way to S.M.A.R.T goals!



+(Photo provided by Gettyimages / Photographer Gary S Chapman) +



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