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When done well, your website will act as a strong foundation for your organization and can create an effective online presence that does your marketing for you. So, before another season begins, make sure your website looks clean and is up to date and organized for the best user experience. If your website is unclear or confusing, your online visitors will leave before they can learn about your organization or join it! 


Here are some areas you can quickly update to make your website a better place to visit: 


1. Update navigation labels. Update your site’s menu names so they are fresh and fun. Change your Home page to “Home Plate” or your Locations page to “Where it’s at!” Get creative and have fun with it! In your site admin, go to My Site Design>Labels.

2. Include pictures or videos on your Home Page. Parents and players LOVE to see photos of your organization in action. Some of the best looking and most visited eteamz sites include photos or videos on their home page. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>Home Page.


3. Take it easy. Rather than including everything under the sun on your home page, try to just fit the most valuable information above the fold of the home page (the part visitors can see without scrolling down), then use the News pages to add content to your site. In your site admin, go to Website Pages>My Site News (or Add a New Page).


4. Play around with color. Keeping with your organization's color theme is great – but how about dressing up your sites a little during the holidays? Or swap the background colors with the font colors? Keep it fresh and people won’t get bored with the same old thing. In your site admin, go to My Site Design>Customize.

5. Update calendar (and keep it up-to-date).  List important dates and/or create an online calendar that plots out all of your not-to-be missed registration deadlines, tournaments and more.  An up-to-date calendar, you make your site a relevant place for your participants to come to get important info about your organization In your site admin, go to Calendar>Click on Calendar to Add Events.


Login now to get started updating your site

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Thanks to our BETA calendar users' feedback, we were able to determine the top features that will enhance the scheduling and calendar experience for all eteamz users.  The new calendar will launch this Wednesday, February 20th with all these features integrated for your use!

Check out the cool new eteamz calendar— the interface is more modern and intuitive than the old calendar options, with a lot more functionality.

Here are some highlights of what you can do with it:

  • Easily navigate around
  • Drag and drop events
  • Cancel events
  • Import and export events, games and practices
  • Share events across leagues and teams
  • Set up recurring events
  • View by month, week, day and list


Don’t worry, no functionality has been removed—you can still access all of your games, events and practices separately.  It’s now just easier to manage and share all of those important dates your membership needs to know about. 


calendar eteamz.jpg

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Sports organizers often have to wear many hats and operate on limited budgets. You’re probably an admin, marketer, designer and logistician all rolled into one. When it comes to marketing, wouldn’t it be nice to have professional, creative graphic designs to spruce up your eteamz site? Well you can now.


Here are five easy online tools we found that will help you, the multi-tasking sports organizer, take your graphic designs up a notch (for free!):


1. Timetoast - This site allows you to create compelling, interactive timelines and share them around the web. For example, you could create a timeline of your team/league – when it was founded, how many kids competed each year, any notable championships, etc.


To show you what we mean, here’s something a Timetoast user created about the History of Women in Sports:


2. Wordle - This “toy”allows you to generate word clouds from text that you provide. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them, put them on a poster, add them to your website, or save them to the Wordle gallery.



3. - Here’s a website that “empowers people to tell stories with data.” It provides really easy tools you can use to create professional infographics for free.

For example, below is an infographic a user created about Sports & Social Media. As you can see, it’s easy to create professional, fun graphics, with no experience necessary! Choose from lots of free templates and create your own.

11-28-2012 6-12-11 PM.png

4. Prezi - Take your old slide decks up a level and “make your presentations zoom.” Using this free tool, you can create dynamic, professional presentations and present them online or offline.

11-28-2012 7-06-22 PM.png


5. eMarketing Center: This is a free resource for anyone to use! Check out articles on industry best practices,download graphic templates, watch webinars on demand, and more.

11-28-2012 6-18-58 PM.png

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Upgraded eteamz sites can now add contact information to their site. Make it easier for potential new players to find you!


To add team or league contact information to your site, go to My Site Design>Listing. Enter in the contact information and select which fields you want displayed on your site. The information will only display if you select the checkbox next to it and save your changes.


Listing info.jpg


Here's what it will look like on your site:



site footer.jpg




Your friends at eteamz


Note: To upgrade your site to the newest templates, go to your Admin tool, choose My Site Design>Customize and choose from one of over 100 site templates. Not sure if you have an older site? If you have an older site, your admin menu looks like this:


old templates.jpg

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Congratulations to our Spooky Site Winners!


Our First Place winner gets a free year of PLUS, storage upgrade and Ad Option:


Second Place gets a free year of PLUS and storage upgrade:


Third Place gets a free year of PLUS:



Coupon codes will be emailed to our winners.Thank you to everyone who participated!


Happy Hauntings,


-Your friends at eteamz

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It’s time for the 11th annual eteamz Spooky Site Contest!


Decorate your site with sounds, music, images and anything else you can find to show off your Halloween Spirit.


Make it scary, spooky or just plain fun!  First place winner will receive a free year of PLUS, storage upgrade and Ad Option, second place will receive a free year of PLUS and the storage upgrade and third place will receive a free year of PLUS.


Submit your site to eteamz support no later than October 26th. Winners will be posted on the eteamz blog on October 30th.


Feel free to visit the links below to find images, sounds and fonts to use on your site for the contest. - Halloween countdown clock for your site  - images, sounds – text generators copy the HTML code and add it to your site - images, sounds - images in albums


Good luck and Happy Halloween! 



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eteamz will be updating some of our hardware tomorrow night (Thursday, September 27th starting at 9 PM PST). This update will result in eteamz being down for approximately 4 hours. 


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for your patience.

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You probably already know that eteamz offers a Tournament Bracket builder tool to our PLUS members, but have you seen all the cool enhancements we’ve made to it lately?


Make it your own


For starters, each bracket type (Double Elimination, Single Elimination, LLB DoubleElimination, Pool Play and Round Robin) now has advanced customization capabilities.


Change colors, font types and sizes, add images or text – you name it! All customizations are displayed when the bracket is printed, published or previewed!




Locations, Locations,Locations!


eteamz Locations are now integrated in the brackets, so you can choose from locations that already exist in your eteamz site. OR, you can enter a new location on the fly!



Locations now link to Google Maps. Enter a full address for a location (either in the Locations folder in eteamz OR the locations field on the tournament bracket), so users can easily get a map to the game!




Date, Time and Location can now be copied to avoid time-consuming data entry. Click the new copy icon to copy data from the first line to all subsequent lines.



Flexibility and Ease of Use


TBA is now displayed when a game time is not entered. What you don’t know now, you can update later.




Modify game numbers – no longer are you stuck with the game numbers you entered originally. Use the dropdown to modify the numbers.




Sort by game numbers – sometimes we need a different view. Switch between sorting between game number and bracket/round whenever you feel like it.



From the Publish pop up, you can now:


  1. Delete a bracket from your site
  2. Specify the order of items on your site
  3. Choose to display your bracket as a link only




Contact Us

Additional questions? Please contact eteamz support:

Please send feedback or requests to our Feedback Forum:

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New calendar in the works!

Posted by Active Carrie Apr 13, 2012

calendar.jpgOver the last year, we have been giving eteamz members access to our BETA Calendar. The BETA calendar has allowed us to try out new technologies and get feedback on features that are important to our members.


Thanks to our BETA calendar users' feedback, we have established the top features that will enhance the scheduling and calendar experience for all eteamz users.  Now that our research is complete, the BETA calendar will no longer be offered as an option for newly created sites.


Don't worry though, we won't remove the BETA calendar from existing sites until we've integrated the features from it into the new calendar. And, we'll find a way to easily migrate your current data into the new calendar.


Our team is diligently developing the best of the BETA features into one calendar solution that will be available to the entire eteamz membership.


Stay tuned for the launch of the newly enhanced eteamz calendar!

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Customizable templates (introduced in 2009) are an improved version of the previous template and are the only type eteamz launches new features for.  In summer 2012, all eteamz sites will be automatically transitioned to a customizable template.   


Update your site before the transition

To update your site to a new template, go to your admin resource center and click “Customize” under the My Site Design folder.  Select a template, click save changes, and you will be up to date.  Worried about losing your data?  Don’t fret, your schedules, rosters, site news and other information will be safe and you’ll still have full access to it.


Login to update your site now






Popular features exclusively available to customizable templates

3-29-2012 12-28-05 PM.pngMobile Ready Sites

Sites with customizable templates are automatically optimized for easy viewing and navigation on smartphones and tablets. 


Facebook Administration +

Add Facebook tools to your site and communicate with members through the most popular social network, whether you have your own Facebook account or not. 

Tournament Brackets +

Tournament functionality gives you all the tools you need to easily create, publish and print your tournaments on your site.

+ Facebook Administration and Tournament Brackets are exclusive to PLUS accounts.



Not sure if you are on a customizable template or not?  Download the HOW TO document attached for a step-by-step guide to upgrading or Visit Customizable Templates FAQs.    

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eteamz will be updating some of our hardware tonight (Monday, February 6th starting at 11 PM PST). This update will result in eteamz being down for approximately 30 minutes.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for your patience.


- Your friends at eteamz

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Are you missing out on the latest NEW feature for eteamz Little League® administrators? The Little League® newsfeed started automatically appearing on sites that are up to date and associated with Little League® as of 1/18/2012.  Not seeing this feature on your homepage? Here are 2 steps to take to ensure you will have access to this exciting new feature:

1. Update your site to a current template: the customizable eteamz template, introduced in 2009, is an improved version of the previous template.   And best of all, it’s FREE!  Check out samples of sites using the customizable template:


1-11-2012 3-41-19 PM.png


Worried about losing your data?  Don’t fret, your schedules, rosters, site news and other information will be safe and you’ll still have full access to it.

To upgrade to a new template, login to your admin resource center and click “Customize”under the My Site Design folder.  Not sure if you are on a customizable template or not?  Download the HOW TO document attached for a step-by-step guide to upgrading or Visit Customizable Templates FAQs.


2. Identify your site as a Little League® organization: the partnership between eteamz and Little League® has allowed us to bring some amazing features your way, including branded website templates, custom tournament brackets and the newsfeed.  And we have much more to come your way this year and beyond!  In order to receive the full benefits of this partnership, affiliating your site with Little League® is crucial.

To do this, simply login to your admin resource center and click “Listing” under the My Site Design folder.  Select a sport of Baseball or Baseball-Little League. Under Organization, select Little League Baseball and Softball click the“update listing” button at the bottom of the page.  It’s that easy!



Still have questions?  Contact eteamz support for help.

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NEW! eteamz Email Center

Posted by Active Carrie Dec 15, 2011

Be a better communicator


eteamz has built a new Email Center that is designed to make communication to your players, parents and fans simple and fast.


With Email Center you can:

  • Send emails to individuals or groups from the Email Lists section
  • Make all communications look professional with a built-in HTML editor 
  • Create and save drafts
  • View and access all sent emails
  • And more coming soon!


Visit the Communication tab in your Admin Panel to start emailing today!


Login to your Admin Panel now

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Spotlight Site Contest

Posted by Active Carrie Nov 22, 2011

We want to reward organizations that have taken their site the extra mile!  If you have pride in the eteamz site you created, we want to help you show it off by featuring it as a “Spotlight Site” on our website and in our promotions. If you would like to submit your site, just private messaging me with your organization name and website address - it's that simple!  Thanks and we look forward to seeing all of your beautiful sites


Check out a former Spotlight Site winner, Haddonfield Crew Club:


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Facebook administration for PLUS members

With more and more people using Social Media (and the younger generation moving away from email all together), we're excited to provide you with an easy way to communicate with your site members, using Facebook. PLUS members – you can publish your team and league news, scores and schedules to Facebook without ever having to leave your eteamz site. You can also add your Facebook Wall to your eteamz site with a few easy clicks! Learn More


Tournament Brackets

eteamz Tournament Bracket functionality gives you all the tools you need to easily create,publish and print your tournaments. We support most tournament types including Single and Double Elimination, Round Robin, Pool Play and Little League® Double Elimination bracket options. Advanced customization on Double Elimination brackets is now available – change font and bracket colors, add images and text boxes – just click Preview/Edit Bracket on the bracket homepage. We will continue to improve and enhance the other bracket types as well! Learn more

Save a draft of your home page & preview before publishing

Take your time in perfecting your Home Page to your liking. With a PLUS account, you can now preview and save changes you make before publishing them to your site. PLUS members will automatically see these options when editing the Home Page under the Website Pages folder.

Get a custom email address (

eteamz sites with custom domains can easily add matching email addresses for up to 5 site administrators. Learn More


Use your smartphone to keep score

Looking for a better way to track play-by-play game updates? The GameChanger app allows Baseball and Softball admins to track live plays and scores on a Smartphone. PLUS members can get the app and the scoreboard widget for your eteamz site for FREE!
Learn more about GameChanger



eteamz site menu treatments


Give your site menu a fun or modern look with our new menu treatment options. Plus members can choose from over 30 different menu overlays in My Site Design>Customize>Menus.


An easy way to fundraise – commissions from CafePress!


Our custom apparel partner, CafePress will pay you 10% of the sales of custom team apparel on your eteamz site – all you have to do is sign up!

Check out your Team Store for details today!


Stay tuned for more exciting features and enhancements in 2012.


Happy Holidays to you and your team!


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