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Something Looks Different

Posted by David Schwartz on Nov 16, 2006 11:55:09 AM


Actually, a couple of things look different. You may have noticed that eteamz made a few changes today and I wanted to say a few things about them.




First and foremost, the eteamz home page looks a little different. Some things remain the same: pretty much everything from the main navigation menus and up. We wanted to leave this so that those visitors that use those menus to get right to what they're looking for can still do so. With the rest of the page, we wanted to focus more on our web sites than we have been recently. After all, we're approaching 3 million teams that have been represented on eteamz sites so it's something that people come here looking for.




Couple things that aren't on the home page anymore are direct links to the Message Boards, Tournament Finder and the top sports pages. But fear not! Like I said, we left the navigation menu as is, so you can get to the message boards through the "Community" menu and the sports are still listed in the drop-down as well. Also, we added a sort of quick search tool where you can easily do a simple search for eteamz sites, tournaments or announcements.




Something else that was added today was a feature for our community members. All of the member-generated content (on the boards, in announcements, etc...) is unmoderated because the eteamz community has always been able to kind of police itself. Today, we've added a tool for members to do that even better. Any piece of member-generated content now has a "Report Abuse" link so members can more easily alert eteamz staff to content that the community feels violates the eteamz terms of use, or the spirit of the community.




As always, we'd love to hear all your feedback about these changes, or anything else going on with eteamz. If you have specific support-related questions, please continue to use the support forums on the site.




Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and enjoys the long weekend next week. We've got a few more changes coming before the end of the year, so check back with the blog often to stay up to date with what's going on.



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