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The eteamz Blogosphere

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Mar 30, 2007


It's always fun to browse eteamz sites and see the variety of different things our members use their sites for.




One of our resident eteamz celebrities, Pat Neshek, recently had his eteamz site/blog mentioned in an ESPN article!  How cool is that?




For those who don't know, Pat is a pitcher on the Minnesota Twins and uses his eteamz site to post news updates about his life as well as share his passion for trading collectibles, yet again showcasing how eteamz helps teams, athletes and enthusiasts connect and share their passion for sports and activities.




Click here to view the ESPN article.  Check out #6 to see where Pat is mentioned.




Click here to view Pat's eteamz site.











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Super D

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Mar 20, 2007


I was checking out the Newz today on eteamz, and I came across the site of Super D, Davey Matthews.




It is not your average eteamz site and Davey is certainly not your average kid. I really enjoyed reading about Davey and his quest to be a big time racer. I bet were going to be hearing more about him real soon.




I encourage you to check it out here.



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