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The Suggestion List

Posted by David Schwartz on May 23, 2007 8:16:59 AM


Our crack eteamz customer support team gets dozens of emails from members every day with suggestions for enhancements, improvements and new features to eteamz. More often than not, these are all outstanding ideas, some very creative and unique, others very practical. These suggestions are what have made eteamz what it is today, as just about every feature ever added to eteamz came from member requests.




But what happens to all these great ideas after you've shared with us? These ideas begin their journey at the inboxes of Ericha and the support staff. The staff then log each suggestion into a tracking system which I review on a daily basis. I try to keep things somewhat organized, maybe by the area of eteamz that would be affected. So I might group all the suggestions that have to do with the calendar functions and have another group for any suggestions about rosters, etc...




There's a little bit of magic involved here (hey, some things have to remain a secret, right?). But basically, I look at the groups of suggestions with a team of developers and marketers and business strategists and all that. We essentially prioritize the groups of enhancements onto a product roadmap and decide when we can get to all of the great ideas.




We get far more great ideas than we can handle all at once, so we try to pick out the ones we think will have the best impact for the most people, or will be needed at a particular time. We won't always get to everything right away, but we don't ever delete your suggestions, either.




So, the details of the whole process are a little more formal than that, but I hope you get the idea. Rest assured that not only does every suggestion get noticed immediately, it is always considered for our next release. Keep 'em coming!



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