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Some exciting changes are coming to eteamz this month, and they've been a long time coming, I know. We've put months of work into these changes, but that will be a story for another time.




The first change will be mostly unnoticed, as it's entirely behind-the-scenes. This will be a much-needed upgrade to our database (both the hardware and the software). The goal here is, of course, improved performance. More power driving the site means we should be able to handle more traffic and handle it better.




As a result of messing with the database, though, we will have to take the site offline for a short time. We're planning on a four-hour window from 12am to 4am EDT, June 13, 2007. Studies show that most people aren't using eteamz at that time of night, so you probably won't even notice. So we apologize that we have to shut off eteamz for a little while, but it is our expectation that you will notice an improvement in performance.




Coming later this month, we have a couple more changes, which will be much more noticeable. There will be changes to the way you log in - we think much more straightforward than today, and your login will work for other Active Network sites. Then the new will be launched with a whole new set of community features like message boards and announcements, site and event search, video and all kinds of great content. More details will be coming soon about this as it gets closer, so stay tuned.



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