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New Logo!  Seriously!

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Jun 15, 2007


Hi Everyone,




As you may have noticed, there are about a dozen different versions of the eteamz logo floating around different areas of the corporate site as well as on user generated sites.




Our new lead designer, Damon, has been taking a whack at re-designing and tweaking the eteamz logo so that we can move forward with a unified look and feel.









Take a peek at these two variations of the logo-set and let us know what you think:




Version 1 ��� Univers Condensed Bold






Version 2 ��� Univers Condensed

Version 2 ��� Univers Condensed




The difference between these two iterations is the thickness of the "teamz" part of the logo.








Which version of the logo do you like best?




Why do you like that version more than the other?




What do you like best about the new logo design?




What do you like least about the new logo design?




What changes would you make?




Any and all comments are welcome!  You can post comments to the blog or email me at











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