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New Login Coming!

Posted by David Schwartz Jun 22, 2007


At long last, we are getting ready to launch our new login tools for eteamz, and for other sites in our network. We've mentioned this a couple of different times, but here's the deal:




Early Monday morning June 25, between midnight and 6am EDT, eteamz will be undergoing some maintenance to get these new tools in place and ready to go. During this time, you will probably find a message on the home page that the site is unavailable. It may be intermittent, as we don't expect to be offline the entire six hours. We know you all like to get into your sites and the message boards early on Monday, so we expect to be ready for you.




What is going to be new? Logging in to eteamz will be a lot easier! The first time you log in, starting Monday morning, you will be presented with a profile update page, which will give you a chance to review your personal account information and remind you that you will now use the email address associated with your account as the username when you log in to eteamz, and any one of the other sites within the Active Network.




What else... Once you log into eteamz, you will stay logged in until you close your browser. This protects you from any malicious attacks in the event you use eteamz in a public venue. It also allows you to move seamlessly in and out of the admin interface without having to log in each time. One other thing, for those of you that manage multiple eteamz sites, the "Admin" link on your site will take you straight to the admin for that particular site, rather than asking you to choose again.




What will NOT be changing? Most everything else, really. Your sites will be displayed as they always have. The admin interface will work the same. Most of your normal routine on eteamz is unchanged, except for the login.




Now, a little later next week, we will be re-launching the site, which will be the new home of many of the parts of eteamz not related to your team's site. Things like the sport home pages and the message boards all have new homes, and lots of great new functionality on But we'll get into that more next week. First things first. We'll get everyone on this new login and then worry about the new




I'm sure some of you will have questions about the new login. If you do, please feel free to send a message to customer support through the eteamz message center.



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