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EZ Mode - items recently fixed

Posted by Ericha_eteamz on Aug 6, 2007 5:12:03 AM






As David mentioned below, we released a new version of EZ Mode last week.  We had a few unexpected kinks that have since been corrected.    Thanks for your patience.



  • Custom scripts, specifically slideshows, custom cursors not displaying - we made a few changes which should have fixed many of the issues.  If you still see an issue on your site, please contact us.


  • Adding images, handouts, etc. (all "add buttons") within Welcome or news not working - Fixed


  • Previously referenced images (using HTML) not displaying - Fixed


Please note a few items.




  • When we made the switch from the old version to the newer EZ Mode version, extra breaks/spaces were added.  Unfortunately, there was no way around it.   What you can do is click "find/replace" to remove the <br> tags (creates a line break) if you see extra spaces on your site.




  • Old marquee tags will no longer work.  They are not considered part of the official HTML language and will not work with this modern tool. 




*When you use Enter/Return it will put the next word/sentence into a new paragraph.  If you don't want the spaces, use Shift+Return/Enter.  Your word/sentence will be on the next line.



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