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Brief Downtime Tonight

Posted by David Schwartz Sep 24, 2007


Sorry for the short notice, but we have a brief, 30-minute outage planned for tonight, or tomorrow morning depending on where you are: Tuesday, September 25, 12:30am-1:00am EDT. Nothing terribly exciting, I'm afraid, but there will be some more exciting new developments coming next month. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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The looping issue where it could take multiple attempts to get signed in (would take you back to the log in page) should now be fixed.   Thanks for your patience everyone. 



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Many of you have asked how to single space in the new EZ Mode text editor.  If you click "enter/return" it will put the next sentence in it's own paragraph.  Instead, you can click "Shift+Return" to get it single spaced.



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