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Jimmy Hendricks, our tennis account executive here at Active, made an appearance at the USTA Campus Championships in Cary, NC this weekend to represent the Active Network and our products.




Jimmy���s report of the weekend���s frivolities was overwhelmingly positive, sharing that it was a great experience to spend a weekend watching tennis and interacting with current and potential clients.




eteamz was one of the Active products represented at the event, for which we developed a two-sided 4.25x5.5 printed card as well as a corresponding landing page.









The tennis landing page.




I have been trying to shift to a ���less is more��� strategy for our marketing materials, focusing on a couple key points about the product as well as big product screenshots.  Historically, eteamz has gone more with the ���fit as much info into the provided space as possible��� approach.




Sometime in the near future the plan is to adopt this minimalist strategy across the board for eteamz in tandem with the re-launch of the site.  However, at this point the focus is completely on fixing all the site performance and stability issues.




Pretty exciting stuff!











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Site Performance

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Apr 16, 2007


Many of you might have experienced performance issues with your site recently in the form of slowness, time outs, error messages, or blank screens.


We apologize for any inconvenience these issues might have caused and would like to reassure you that finding and implementing a solution is our top priority. The IT team already has a list of updates and fixes that should help to alleviate most of the site issues and is working on implementing them.


We'll keep you posted here with further developments. Thank you for your patience.



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eteamz will undergo a little bit of maintenance tomorrow morning, April 11, 2007 from 2am to 7am EDT. During this time some may see an interruption of some services, specifically related to the Collect Fees, Donations and Fundraising portions of the admin. Most of the rest of eteamz should remain unaffected during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.



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When will we see a paradigm shift in athleticism?  Over the last hundred years, there has certainly been an evolution of the competitive athlete.  Modern athletes are now bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before���I imagine that athletes from the early 20th century would have a hard time believing some of the things modern athletes can do (picture Joe DiMaggio standing next to Barry Bonds).  But when will we see a truly revolutionary shift in athletic mechanics, not just strength and size?









I came across a really interesting new story on this morning about an ambidextrous college-level pitcher at Creighton University, Pat Venditte.  Now this would be a true shift in game mechanics!  What if being ambidextrous became more prevalent in competitive sports?  Not only would this have an enormous impact on general game mechanics, but it would affect the very strategy of the game���that is, at least, until being ambidextrous became mainstream and effectively eliminated the advantage.









Will a whole generation of new parents start teaching their children to train both arms, rather than just one?  Will tennis players some day be able to avoid the dreaded backhand all together?  Will golfers be able to switch stances when the lie of their ball necessitates it?  Possibly, although I would pity the caddies forced to carry around two sets of golf clubs for an ambidextrous golfer.




The future no doubt holds a great many advancements in the world of sport, some being minimal, and some being revolutionary.  It will be interesting to see how athleticism develops over the next 50 years.











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