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We recently partnered with Prep Sportswear to give you the ability to customize and sell your own apparel on your Website. It will be available for FREE - No minimum order - Bulk order discounts available.




Look for the Sportswear link in your Site Admin admin to customize your apparel.




Please note that the new feature will be automatically turned on. You will see a link for "Sportswear" on your menu. If you do not want to participate, no problem. You can close it at anytime within the Pages section of your Access folder.

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eteamz will be temporarily unavailable this coming Thursday, August 9 1am-6am EDT for routine maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.



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As David mentioned below, we released a new version of EZ Mode last week.  We had a few unexpected kinks that have since been corrected.    Thanks for your patience.



  • Custom scripts, specifically slideshows, custom cursors not displaying - we made a few changes which should have fixed many of the issues.  If you still see an issue on your site, please contact us.


  • Adding images, handouts, etc. (all "add buttons") within Welcome or news not working - Fixed


  • Previously referenced images (using HTML) not displaying - Fixed


Please note a few items.




  • When we made the switch from the old version to the newer EZ Mode version, extra breaks/spaces were added.  Unfortunately, there was no way around it.   What you can do is click "find/replace" to remove the <br> tags (creates a line break) if you see extra spaces on your site.




  • Old marquee tags will no longer work.  They are not considered part of the official HTML language and will not work with this modern tool. 




*When you use Enter/Return it will put the next word/sentence into a new paragraph.  If you don't want the spaces, use Shift+Return/Enter.  Your word/sentence will be on the next line.



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eteamz today released some significant enhancements for site administrators. The most critical communication tools for creating and updating your site Welcome Message and News have just become a whole lot easier to use.




Until now, a site admin was able to use the tools to enter simple text, but anything beyond the basics required at least a small understanding of some HTML details. Our PLUS admins did have a tool we call "EZ Mode" that provided tools to aid with some of these extras, but it was not always reliable, or compatible with some of today's newer browsers.




We went out and found a really great WYSIWYG (that's What You See Is What You Get) editor and incorporated it into eteamz. The best part about it is that we're making this new editing tool available to ALL of our admins, whether subscribers or not. If you're like most other eteamz admins, you will probably welcome the chance to stop worrying about putting in those <b> tags, and trying to remember how to make a link work right. You're able to stylize your text (bold, italic, underline), align your text and insert and update links with ease!




For our PLUS subscribers, we have also added several additional tools to help you easily add some real life to your sites. You can choose special fonts and colors for your article, add bullet or numbered lists, insert tables, images, even embedded flash movies for your own slideshows or videos. And of course, PLUS admins will be able to work directly with the HTML for the page to add advanced features like certain scripts or additional tags that can really spruce up your site.








So check it out. Log in to your site, or build a new one today to check out these new features. 



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