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January 22, 2008

Prep Sportswear, our new eteamz sportswear partner, not only gives you the ability to customize and sell team apparel from your eteamz web site, but lets you use your Sportswear Store as a Fundraiser. You can earn up to 15% back on all purchases made! Best of all, the program is FREE!


Program Benefits:


  • Raise funds & show team spirit!

  • No minimum order, no set-up fees

  • Bulk order discounts available

  • Customize fundraising percentage

  • Receive a donation for each sale made

  • Fast shipping. Customers receive orders in 4-5 days!


How to Join:


1. Click on your “Sportswear” link and go to “Manage Your Store”

2. Click on the “Fundraising” tab and follow prompts.

3. Select fundraising name, goal & percentage

4. Promote your Sportswear to your team, family, and friends.

5. Start earning $$$ on each sale made!


Please note that the new Sportswear feature will be automatically turned on. In order to set-up your store as a Fundraiser you will need to follow the steps above. If you do not want to participate in the Sportswear program at all, you can close it at anytime within the Pages section of your Access folder.


For more information, log in to the Sportswear folder in Admin and click the "Manage Your Store" link. Or, visit



Note: If there are multiple admins for your site, only the first one that signs up for fundraising will have access to make changes and collect funds.

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