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You might have noticed that we changed all eteamz domains and URLs to today.  So instead of your site URL being, it will now be  You should not be affected by this change in any way (other than having a shorter domain name to remember).  All bookmarks and links will automatically redirect to the new URL structure. We made this change to help simplify domain names for eteamz users and help with organic search engine marketing (a fancy way of saying helping search engine ranking results).  For those of you wondering where Ericha is… she’s taking some much needed time off!  She deserves it!  She’ll be back next week! As always, please contact support via your Message Center with any questions.

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Hello website administrators,



We gave you a new look to your main Admin page (the first page you get to once logged into your Site Admin).   The help resources are still there, we just cleaned it up a bit and added some additional resources.    I may be biased but it looks much better.   I hope you like it too. 



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Albums - Fixed

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Mar 17, 2008

The albums issues listed below have been fixed. Please note that you may need to delete your temporary internet files to see the changes on your site.


Thanks again for your patience.


The following have been fixed:

  • All eteamz albums are not displaying

  • Album is not displaying with the correct date

  • The Albums aren't displaying in the correct order 100% of the time - usually if you select it a few times it will finally "catch."

  • Full Album Description is not displaying.

  • Link to "add photos" (Shutterfly feature) isn't appearing if no previous albums have been entered - until this is fixed you can add a test album (just one image) then the "add photos" link will appear.


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The new Shutterfly features are now working and the eteamz albums are up and running. Thanks for your patience while we worked to fix the initial glitches.


What did we add? Many of you have asked about organizing the Shutterfly Albums as you can with your eteamz albums. That feature is now available. You can organize alphabetically, chronologically or you can customize by dragging and dropping albums in any order.


The look of the Admin interface is different. If you'd like to edit one of your current albums, click the "edit" icon next to that specific album. If you click the edit icon next to one of your eteamz albums, it will take you to the edit page and you will see the "old" interface (to set access levels, change the number of images to display per row, etc.). To delete an album, simply click the "trash" icon.


As always, please contact support via your Message Center with any questions.

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Albums - the latest

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Mar 10, 2008


Update 3/11:   Your eteamz albums feature is now functioning.   We're working with the Shutterfly gang to get that feature up and running.   It seems that Daylight Savings Time wreaked havoc on that functionality.  


Thanks for your patience! I'll update this post as I receive information.



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Albums - Update

Posted by Ericha_eteamz Mar 6, 2008



We made some feature additions to the Albums section and unfortunately it caused a few glitches. We are currently looking into the following. I'll update this post when I have more details.


Update 3/7:


  • Time out error when deleting an Album - Intermittent, still working on

  • Albums appearing multiple times - Fixed

  • Previously added albums are not appearing - Fixed

  • Adding new albums via Shutterfly and they are not linked to site - there is some lag time, we're still working on this.

  • Time out error when selecting Albums - this is new as of 3/10, we're looking into.


Thanks for your patience.


If you have questions, please contact us via your Message Center in Admin. Thanks!

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